What is the best size for a photo?

Images that end up in galleries & portfolios can be sized at around 2000px on the longest side, maybe even smaller for vertical images (let’s say 2000px in width for horizontal images, and 1500px in height for vertical images).

How big can I upload my photos?

The good news is that you can size your images in such a way that printed use of your photos is either severely limited or nearly impossible. Though can upload your images as low as 600 x 600 and expect your social media profiles to function reasonably well, that’s a very small size and not comfortable for viewing on most monitors.

Can I choose the size of the picture I send?

Choose whatever size you want to send. Does it affect sending time, quality or actual picture size. The quality of the picture is the same and the receiver can resize it if they need to. The smaller the picture, the faster it will send and the user will be able to down load it faster.

What is the best size to share images on the web?

Even in this world of high resolution monitors, it’s still the best practice to use smaller sizes when sharing images on the web. Here at dPS, images in the articles are sized to be 750 pixels on their longest side at an overall size of around 200kb.