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What Apps Can Harm Your Smartphone 

There are many good reasons why you should be careful with your downloads. Know that not all applications are good for your smartphone. In fact, some of the apps you get can even be dangerous for your devices. They may drain your battery, infect your…


Puzzle Brain-Training Apps for Students 

Brain-training applications not only reduces boredom but also bring a lot of benefits. By solving puzzles, students stimulate their brain activity and learn to think critically. Technically, our brain is not a muscle. Nevertheless, frequent training is required to keep it in good shape. Problem-solving…


How to fix iPhone XS Max with ghost touch bug after iOS 13 

How can you know if you’re experiencing ghost touch? Well, if you have put your phone down, only to realize it is working on its own, then you are experiencing”ghost touch”. Do not worry, there is a solution…but first, let’s dive into some probable causes…


What are the Most Friendly Mobile Industries? 

Considering the advancement in mobile technologies, almost every business in the world is embracing the use of smartphones. In the past, without your PC connecting to the internet was almost impossible. Since the introduction of mobile devices, some industries have embraced it more than others….


What Consumes the most Energy from your Smartphones? 

As a smartphone user, a fully charged battery is always a pleasure. No wonder some people carry power banks around to ensure that their mobile device is always charged. Have you noticed that even when you are not using your smartphone the battery runs down?…


Best Games to Play on Mobile 

Since the invention of mobile gaming during the period of technological advancements, players around the globe now prefer to play games on their mobile devices on the go. Gaming apps on mobile phones are available on the iOS store and Google Play Store for iPhone…


How Mobile Became the Mainstream 

The world before the invention of mobile devices was tough and challenging. People had to wait in lines for hours without achieving what they came for due to a lack of prior information. Real-time arguments ended without a winner because people were unable to back…