Snapchat is a popular social networking platform that allows users to share their tales and experiences. You may make group stories and friend cliques with it. If you’ve heard of Snapchat or use it, you’ve probably heard of its Quick Add feature.

What is Quick Add on Snapchat

The Quick Add feature shows you a list of other Snapchat users you might know. Snapchat will display a list of individuals you share friends with, similar to Facebook’s “People You Might Know” function.

So there’s a section called Quick Add full of mutual friends or friends of friends. This tool, for example, will suggest new pals based on your brother’s closest buddy or a classmate’s sister. You may run into a name you recognize or someone you know who has recently downloaded the program. This list will also include any of your friends who have recently deleted their old Snapchat accounts and opened a new one.

How does it work?

Quick Add on Snapchat follows the same process as Facebook, where profiles get matched to yours or theirs to a mutual friend’s profile. It shows you profiles that you have in common. Quick Add will recommend Jane to you if you have a Snapchat friend called Steve, and he has a Snapchat friend named Jane. Snapchat’s Quick Add occasionally displays profiles recently of the person who joined the program.

Reasons for displaying people on Quick Add


If you’re moving to a new place or visiting for a while and have your phone’s GPS turned on, Snapchat will recognize you and locate your location and suggest individuals who are nearby.

By Mobile Number

There is no way to recommend your profile to others on social networking platforms. If you’ve added your cellphone number to your Snapchat account and checked the “allow to contact list” button, you’re good to go. The profile will then appear in the Quick Add section. Profiles will get displayed for all of your contacts who have joined the same phone number as you.

Recently Joined Members

If a new user enters Snapchat and adds a few of your friends, Snapchat will recognize that the new user is also familiar with you. As a result, there’s a good chance Snapchat will recommend your profile to him and vice versa.

Social Media Profiles

When you link your Snapchat account to other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, you get a lot of benefits. Then all of your friends on other social media accounts will be encouraged to add you as well. Because you’re both connected on social media, Snapchat will want you to engage here as well.

Is it possible to delete users from the Quick Add list?

You can un-add the individual who is displaying a suggestion. Click the “X” sign next to the Add button on the user’s profile picture.

The person will be removed from the quick add list when you click it. It indicates Snapchat that you don’t know and aren’t interested in the person. As a result, the user’s profile will get hidden on Snapchat.