Learning is a crucial part of everyone’s life and successfully completing this stage is desired by every student. With the internet being what it is nowadays, there is no doubt you can achieve this easily. What you’ll need is access to reading materials – i.e, books – and reliable tutors and I know just the place.

Chegg is an online digital market that allows premium users unlimited access to books – either for rent or purchase, online courses, course reviews, and direct contact with professional tutors in case of any queries.

If that sounds like something you need, you can ideally visit their website, open an account which will cost at least $14.00 a month, and gain access to all those features or you can read on and find out how you can get the same services for FREE! Yes, you will not have to pay even a cent.

How Do I Get A Free Chegg Account?

There are several methods that can ensure you get access to the services offered by Chegg and still retain your money. Everyone is looking to save money and that is why, day by day, people are coming up with ways to do that.

Below are some genuine methods that will get you that free Chegg account.

1.   Use Chegg Free Trial

The most basic method to get a free Chegg account is by getting a free trial. Chegg offers its newly registered users at least 7 days of free access to their products and services. Within this time limit, you can get a lot of work done.

If your work is still not done after the trial period, you can always open up other temporary mails and subsequently open their respective Chegg accounts for free trials until your work is done.

2.   Free Chegg Accounts Usernames And Passwords

The first method of getting a free Chegg account may not have been suitable for you and that is why I  have taken the liberty to include another way you can get that A+ without spending your hard-earned cash.

By giving you 20+ free Chegg account usernames and passwords, you will have unlimited access to everything Chegg has to offer. This goes without saying but, don’t change the passwords on any of these accounts.

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : 8i6-gxp-18c

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : yi4-0ax-b6j

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password: Lvkwjjk7

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password: Atlanta199!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Morrow!5

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Lollipop21!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : lYy022528.

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Kratos0414.

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : alexander1

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : @Sanjuan

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : nj2-e9v-v7r

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : dk4-7sz-4xc

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Sandy54!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : pokemonD1

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Hockey11!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Djh930508#

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Wack1234!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Lionsden@19

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Jordan02!!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Szj950903!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Superblack1!

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : DarkfirE07

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Bai82405991

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : Tracie820$

  1. Username: [email protected]

Password : 1w9-a6h-uy5

Can You Get Chegg For Free As A Student?

We know students don’t usually have a lot of money to spend. Keeping that in mind, if you are wondering if you can get Chegg for free as a student, well, I am pleased to inform you that you can. Very easily for that matter.

Here are some other ways you can get Chegg for free as a student.

  • By opening up an account on Chegg, you will get a 7-day trial which you could use to gain access to the products and services offered on the site. Upon opening, the site will require your credit card information, but no worries. DoNotPay and CreditGenerator offer virtual credit cards that are not connected to any bank – which means they can’t be charged-, for you to use.
  • You can also earn free money by completing easy tasks on survey sites and you could use the money earned to open up a premium account.

How Do I Bypass Chegg Blur (2020)?

If you don’t have a Chegg account, answers to your questions will be blurred. However, there are ways you can bypass Chegg blur and they are legit.

For you to see those answers to your question that are hidden, you could consider using some of the methods we have mentioned above which are, using the Chegg free trial period and using Chegg free accounts and passwords – that we have also listed above.

How Do I Get Free Chegg Answers (2021)?

If you are a student and you are trying to get access to reading materials or ready answers to your questions, you can get free Chegg answers.

If you are not willing to open up a Chegg account to get a free trial or use the free Chegg accounts and passwords, you can use some of the alternative methods listed below.

1.   Join A Chegg Group On Reddit

You can get free Chegg answers by joining the Chegg answers Reddit group. All you’ll have to do is download the Reddit app on your phone, open a free Reddit account and simply post your question on the Chegg answers Reddit group then wait for a response.

2.   Use Discord

You could also use discord, which provides free Chegg answers via its multiple channels or community. Discord will give you access to more active members than Reddit since it has many channels. Once you have opened a discord account, post your questions there and wait for a response.

Is It Cheating To Use Chegg?

Chegg is an incredible platform that aims in developing students’ knowledge and skills in their coursework. However, concerns have always arisen whether using Chegg is cheating or not and it always comes down to how you use the answers from the site.

Chegg is meant to be used in a certain way and deviating from those ways could come across as cheating. Some of the ways you can use Chegg responsibly include;

1.   Using it as a study tool

The role Chegg plays here is empowering you with the relevant information on how you can effectively approach specific issues with ease. When a student with homework confides in the website to acquire additional knowledge and not to copy every solution given, then they would not be cheating.

2.   Comparing answers

Students can come to Chegg to compare their answers with those given by online tutors after which they can identify whether they are on the right track or not, based on how the tutors handle similar problems.

3.   Revising and studying

Chegg is very efficient when used as a revising and studying tool. With the wide range of informative reading materials found here, a student can gain access to a lot of information within a short period of time without having to go through every book.


Chegg is a great platform to acquire additional information. However, not everybody can afford their subscription fees which is why it is perfectly okay to find alternative means to gain access to those informative products and services.

If you have settled on a way to do that, enjoy the services without guilt.