Call tracking software permits you to identify where your inbound phone leads are coming from, whether it is a print advertisement, online advertisements, or link from another site. With numerous Call Tracking Software and choices to select from, we have assembled this free comparison guide for shoppers to sift through some the ideal call tracking providers out there. Our analysts have diligently researched and analyzed the most recent call monitoring systems, filtering industry-leading solutions with the most innovative features, backed by unmatched customer service, and competitive price offerings. The call center software picks we have featured below provide plans for any company size, aggressive pricing, and a fully managed, hands-on approach to getting you up and running in the shortest possible time.

First of all we need to know What Is Call Tracking Software

call tracking
call tracking

The call tracking software monitors the origin of inbound phone calls. This is achieved by assigning unique numbers to various digital advertisements across campaigns and channels. These can be inserted dynamically into a site or landing page based on the customer’s source. Call tracking supports advertising attribution by determining which electronic advertising campaigns are the origin of calls. Call tracking software enables marketers to feature offline phone call conversions to the advertising source that drove them. It works whether the lead calls directly from the advertisement or articles (such as with Advertising telephone extensions or direct mail pieces) or visited your site first before calling.

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Past attribution, call tracking programs gives call wisdom and conversion tracking. Leading call tracking applications can create a lead score to the caller from such data, and route the call appropriately.

Furthermore, call tracking software consists of in-call analytics for optimization of different types. This may include call recording, revenue advice, and sales training, and call result analytics (e.g., conversion or reduction, sales rep performance monitoring, call quality, etc.). Data resulting from such analytics might also be used to direct re-targeting campaigns across digital channels.

Call Tracking Software Features & Capabilities:

  • Attribution matching inbound calls to digital ad campaign
  • Easy to Use
  • Caller Profiles
  • Dynamic insertion of tracking number
  • Call conversion tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • Caller intelligence (e.g. demographics, caller prior behavior)
  • Intelligent call routing
  • In-call analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Call recording and transcript
  • Sales and service guidance
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Sales and service performance analytics
  • Lead scoring
  • Reporting dashboard
Call Tracking Software - Advertising-Tracking
Call Tracking Software – Advertising-Tracking

Key Benefits Call Tracking Software:

While it appears like Call Tracking Software only offers one solution, tracking their roots, these solutions provide a business a whole lot more. Call Tracking Software does go a bit beyond this one simple purpose, and the benefits could be felt in numerous places.

  1. In Depth ROI Insight – With continuous records of calls, and which advertising campaign the calls originate from, your organization can get a very profound understanding of their existing campaigns, and a good look at the ROI of these various campaigns. If your online advertisements are receiving zero calls, and you’re spending $1000 per month, maybe it’s time to change something.
  2. Manage Different Marketing Campaigns –Because your company will have this kind of in-depth view into the efficacy of the different marketing channels and campaigns, both online and offline, your company can now properly handle these various campaigns. The insight offered by Call Center Software can help drive educated decisions about the best way best to improve. .
  3. Track Performance Based Advertising – Tools such as Google AdWords and other search engine optimization services work somewhat differently than traditional advertising and marketing campaigns, so the buyer is only going to pay when there are quantifiable results from the effort. Call Tracking Software enables your organization to acquire a much closer eye on how these services are preforming, and even hone in on specific keywords and search phrases.
  4. Offer a Better Caller Experience – When combined with a CRM platform, your organization will get a massive insight into the how not only advertising campaigns are working, but how customer service is playing its part also. Blend this marketing insight with private information collected by a CRM to completely revolutionize the experience that your callers get. Use this information to guide callers to the perfect agent or section right away based on the origin of the call.
  5. Manage Multiple Phone AccountsCall Tracking Software generally provides your company with its own unique phone numbers, usually one per effort. Through these options, your company can easily manage multiple telephone numbers and accounts from a single dashboard, with a close eye on the critical metrics.

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Call Tracking Software Integration

Call Tracking Software Integration
Call Tracking Software Integration

Call Tracking Software  require numerous integration’s to operate correctly. An integration with marketing automation platforms and ad serving platforms provide dynamic tracking numbers into advertisements and encourage digital effort attribution. Integrating with the CRM is critical for call logging, caller attribute retrieval for smart call routing, and other capabilities.

Integration with sites and web analytics also provides lively variety insertion and attribution. And for full performance reporting and coaching telephone monitoring apps must also integrate with marketing performance management suites. As we mentioned previously, integration are a remarkably crucial part of contemporary solutions and applications, allowing us to bridge the gaps between two different programs. Ensure the provider you’re taking a look at offers integration for the solutions your company is already utilizing.

Top 5 Best Call Tracking Software for 2019:

Call Tracking Software Best For
CallRail (Best Overall) Companies that want an affordable call tracker with the best combination of features
Phonewagon Marketing agencies that need a call tracker that manages multiple clients and companies
Convirza Organizations and teams that want to track custom or vanity phone numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS
CrazyCall Companies with global contacts that want a call tracker for international calls
Ringba Entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a no-frills call tracking solution



CallRail offers call attribution applications to more than 100,000 companies and advertising agencies. The platform incorporates robust functionality to easily track and route forms and calls, and integrates with several big advertising and sales platforms.

With CallScribe activated, users can quickly review telephone transcriptions and set specific rules to tag or score a telephone if particular words were spoken by the broker or client. Users can also create customized reports to see forms or calls, and also to apply filters such as tags, direct score, effort, source, keywords, etc., to see the information they care about most for that customer or campaign.

Users who market online can use the Multi-Touch Price per Lead to see precisely what their leads price in regard to advertising spend, unlocking the information required to optimize accordingly.

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Phonewagon is a software monitoring service that helps marketing agencies segregate the campaigns of numerous customers and companies. It supports unlimited users attributes and includes five telephone numbers with 500 phoning minutes with programs from $30 a month. Phonewagon is a fantastic match for promotion agencies conducting multiple discrete campaigns at the same time.



According to the provider’s website,”Whether you are a small business owner or an innovative business service, Convirza has all of the tools and solutions to increase your marketing spend and outcomes.”

Convirza’s feature list  that includes lively call tracking, dynamic call insertion, call analytics, lead quality grading, and online/offline advertising channel performance monitoring definitely bears out this statement.

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CrazyCall is a cloud-based calling software which enables companies and sales team to attain their customers and leads with minimum-to-no effort. What makes CrazyCall unique is the ease of usage — but the ease of use does not signify the absence of features.

Users can monitor their calls per particular amounts, use auto dialer, call recordings, call transfers, live-listening, and much more. They can also create single calls, regardless of what webpage they’re on with Click To Phone widget. The business’s Inbound Calls attribute has the potential to enhance customer satisfaction, as well as helping companies grow semi-passively via the lead-generating callback widget.



Ringba is the greatest call monitoring and analytics platform for entrepreneurs, call centers, and agencies that will need to handle their call flow, feature granular information for their own campaigns, and optimize their performance using strong real-time reporting and analytics.

Purpose-built for functionality, flexibility, and competitive advantage, Ringba is inventing the future of voice, pushing the limits of innovation and changing the way companies connect with customers.

Ringba views its customers as its partners, taking a hands-on strategy and giving everybody access to live sales and technical support without any obligations or contracts to start.


Call tracking software is an important element of marketing and sales campaigns. They help optimize marketing spend by providing insight into what is working and what could be improved. They also provide information that helps businesses target high quality leads so agents can concentrate their efforts on the most promising calls.

Have another call tracking software application you adore more? Share your recommendations by leaving us a note below.