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NFC on Android | | How to check Check if your phone support NFC

How to check Check if your phone support NFC 

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a wireless radio communication technology, that allows users to use NFC tags that trigger a function on their smartphones when it is brought close enough (around 4 inches) to the tag. This technology is also used in Google’s Daydream platform…

Remove System Apps

How To Remove System Apps From Android Device 

This guide is for those who want to remove system apps or disable system apps from their Android. As an Android user, we found some system apps which often we don’t need for any use of ours. Many faced difficulty when they tried to remove…

dark mode | | How to use dark mode on Google Maps

How to use dark mode on Google Maps 

Google has slowly been adding a dim mode to several of its Applications, such as YouTube and Google News. For quite some time, Google Maps has affirmed a”Night” mode, which turns out the navigation Interface dark. However, that feature is not able to be manually…

unzip android 1 | | How to Open or Create .Zip Files on Android device

How to Open or Create .Zip Files on Android device 

We take our smartphones everywhere we go. With all the things smartphones and tablets can do nowadays and their larger capacities, we tend to put all kinds of files onto them.  And sometimes .zip archives comes to our phones, so how to create and how…

Change MAC Address Android | | How To Change Mac Address On Android

How To Change Mac Address On Android 

Every device Win, iOS or Android  has a  unique hardware address to identify it uniquely from other devices in a network.  It’s called MAC address of device.  In Android smart phones, MAC address is used by various Android apps to restrict the dual account of…

Phone flashing | | How to Flash your phone

How to Flash your phone 

A lot easier  tutorial how to flash your phone.  This tutorial work for all android phones, if you have questions please ask in comment’s section below the article. REMEMBER: PLEASE USE FIRMWARE INTENDED FOR YOUR PHONE,  USING FIRMWARE NOT INDICATED FOR YOUR PHONE COULD CAUSE…

close up man talking phone | | Android Safety Tips | Mobile Security

Android Safety Tips | Mobile Security 

The challenge of keeping a PC free from viruses or malware is to keep the smartphone of the modern day free from malware. Technology analysts say that cyber criminals are a bit more focused on smartphones, especially on PCs. That’s why everyone is struggling to…

How to remove | | How to remove Bixby from your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus

How to remove Bixby from your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus 

As was the case with the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, Bixby has made its presence known with the Galaxy S9 lineup. This includes the dedicated hardware button that has been placed directly below the volume rocker. The problem is, Bixby isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite…

xiaomi redmi backup | | Backup Xiaomi Phone Data to PC

Backup Xiaomi Phone Data to PC 

Backup of important data is an integral process when you are migrating data from one Android smartphone to another, rooting your Android device or installing custom ROMs. In all such instances it is important to take a backup of several important data such as Media…