Kodi is free, open-source software designed especially with the home Entertainment in mind — and it’s perfect if you’re a fan of movies, sports, films, and TV shows. Unlike services like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is handled by the non-profit XBMC Foundation, And it’s constantly being modified and updated by countless coders around the world. Since its creation in 2003, Kodi has been shaped by more than 500 software developers and over 200 translators. That means you can now customize by installing add-ons or builds, and they’re totally free, also. And it is not just for laptops; Kodi is now able to work on everything from a smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Please Note that many add-ons contain content that isn’t officially licensed And accessing such content could be prohibited. In short, if the content is Free, but seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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What can you see on Kodi?

Kodi turns any pc, Smartphone or tablet to an electronic set-top box or streamer, giving users the ability to stream files from the net, a home network, and local storage. Unlike additional TV streamers like the new Apple TV, Chromecast two and Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kodi is not held back by a curated app shop, so it allows you to download a range of community-made programs or add-ons, and watch whatever you like.
Through your content easy. The Program features what its developers Call a”10-foot UI”, meaning it could be read from a theoretical space Of up to 10ft away — and thanks to a selection of built-in users can On smaller Devices, God delivers a similar experience but can be hooked up to a Bigger TV for big-screen viewing.

What’s compatible with Kodi?

Kodi is available on almost every device you can think of. The media centre software is easy to download, and compatible with OS X, Linux, Windows, Android – and even the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. For those using iOS, the process is slightly more complicated: iPhone users will need to make sure their phone is jailbroken before downloading it.

Is it legal? 

Kodi, in its standard form running official apps, is not illegal, or what is called an “illicit streaming device.”

For a device to become “illicit”, it means it is used to watch shows and other content “without the copyright owner’s permission”. This can be via hardware, software or watching it at a friend’s house and includes via a smart TV, laptop, tablet or phone.

Illicit streaming devices are boxes or USB sticks you plug into your TV that have been adapted in some way to access the content you haven’t paid for or hasn’t been approved.

How to install Kodi on an Android

Kodi can be found on the Google Play store, and that makes installing it onto your Android phone relatively straightforward. Before, if you had an Android device and wanted God, you’d need to use a process known as”sideloading” — but no longer. Therefore, we’ve decided to show you the most foolproof, straightforward way of getting Kodi on Android.


  1. Simply boot up your device or your computer, and head to the Google Play store.
  2. You can either use the Google Play store app on your Android device or install the following link.
  3. Once the download is done, and Kodi is installed, you’re ready to go. After launching Kodi, you’ll see that it uses an identical user interface and design to every other version of Kodi, so if you can use Kodi on other devices you’ll be right at home.

Best Kodi addons 2018

To make the most of Kodi you can install add-ons or extensions, of which there are loads to choose from. Add-ons are basically bits of code that can modify Kodi, however in recent months many of them have been going offline.

1. YouTube

As you’d expect, the largest video service in the world also has an addon for Kodi. Featuring more than one billion users – almost a third of the people on the internet – YouTube is still the number-one destination for mindless videos, insightful documentaries and everything in between. A must-have.

2. Apple iTunes Podcasts

If, like me, you’ve got your best speakers hooked up to your TV, then sometimes you’re going to want to use the system to listen to just audio. If you do, then the Apple iTunes Podcast Kodi addon is perfect for you. It’s totally unofficial, but as podcasts are free-to-air, it’s all kosher.

Installing the addon couldn’t be simpler. Go to Videos | Add-ons | Get More… and scroll down until you see Apple iTunes Podcasts. Then click Install.

3. TwitchTV

Twitch launched in 2011 and is a so-called social video platform and community. Aimed at gamers, Twitch (which was recently acquired by Amazon for $970 million) lets video gamers stream their gameplay, and watch other peoples’. Around ten million people use the service and this Kodi addon lets you get involved through your TV or other devices beyond your computer.

The addon comes with playlists and collections.

4. BT Sport Video

This Kodi addon is a new addition to Kodi’s roster of plugins. It can be used to gain access to videos from the BT Sports website, meaning you can watch them on your TV for more of a robust viewing experience. Simply switch on the surround sound and soak up all that sporting news…

5. FilmRise

FilmRise is a film and television distribution company which boasts over 15,000 titles in an expansive range of genres. Its content is high-quality and award-winning, including the likes of HBO’s Emmy-winning Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief in addition to titles such as The Miseducation of Cameron Post, starring Chloë Moretz and American Honey‘s Sasha Lane. With partnerships including the titanic likes of Amazon, Roku, iTunes, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, CNN and many, many more, FilmRise is certainly one to keep your eye on.

How to install Kodi addons

It’s simple to install the majority of add-ons to Kodi using the repository. You can do it simple:

  1. Launch your Kodi application.
  2. Head over to Addons.
  3. Click on the little package addon installation icon in the top left corner.
  4. Now select ‘Install from Repository’.
  5. Next choose the Kodi add-on repository -> Video add-ons.
  6. Click on the video you addon you wish to add -> Install.
  7. Wait for the ‘Addon enabled’ notification.
  8. Go back to your Kodi homescreen and click on Addons -> Video addons.
  9. Choose the video plugin you’ve just installed.