College life is just as difficult as it is fun. Very often, it is easy to underestimate all the load of work you are going to need to undergo. Just imagine the countless written assignments, tests, exams just pouring all over you. All this leads to extreme stress and many other negative effects that most of the students have to deal with.

The truth is that there are different types of people, and everyone chooses to deal with the stress the way he or she sees fit. For instance, some students look for a writing service with great experts on offer to achieve some writing help. The others tend to dive into the world of computer reality. It is hard to blame either since we all know that dealing with stress is much harder than it seems, and if you leave the issue unattended, it can lead to very serious consequences in the future.

To state it clearly, we support groups of students who look for an affordable rather than cheap online essay writing help, and we have the source we can even recommend – AffordablePapers – essay writing service. At the same time, we support those who choose to escape from reality every now and then and play video games. In fact, today, we want to break some stereotypes, and we are going to discuss not the negative but positive effects that video games may have on the players.

Increased Cooperation

The very first thing that comes to mind when you hear about modern video games is the fact that they provoke aggression and violence only. However, such an assumption is as far away from the truth as it can be. The fact is that if we take multiplayer games, for instance, the fact that they are played alongside other people require not violence but cooperation. When you are engaged in the game, you learn to interact with other players, help them out, build plans and strategies, and that is surely not a negative trait to develop.

Improved Cognitive Functions

Well, the heading sounds overly scientific, but it is relevant to our today’s subject. There is no doubt about it. The fact is that there have been countless researches conducted which proved that those people who are playing video games regularly are better at filtering the information than those who do not. What does it mean? Think about the project that you have to finish within a set deadline, if you can’t filter all the unnecessary information out, it is going to take you a lot longer to complete it. Also, Dr. James Paul Gee, a reading professor at the University of Washington-Madison, states that when you play video games, you are bound to follow instructions to level up and to win in the end. That experience, when transferred to the educational environment, may turn out to be crucial in a positive meaning of the phrase.

Academic Motivation

This one may sound strange since many people think those who play video games tend to pay little to no attention to the educational process. However, the research proves that if you provide students with educational games instead of same-themed lectures – the students choose the first option. It is unknown yet whether it is a mindset of modern students or something else, but as it turns out, crucial information is well received through video games.

Improved Logical Skills

When you are in the game, you are faced with a certain task, and you have a certain amount of resources and means at hand to solve it. Very often, the way you manage the given resources helps you win or makes you lose. With every other attempt, you try another strategy, and that results in the improvements of your logical thinking and management. Surely, both skills come in more than handy in real life too.


There is rarely any popular video game that comes without the need to multitask. If you do not know how to pay your attention to a couple of things at once, you will most likely fail at the game. That is why those students who are great with video games are as great with multitasking in life too.


Sometimes during the fight in the game, you are supposed to make a really fast decision that can cost you your virtual life. That is when your brain starts to work twice as fast so that you do not fail. When you learn to think quickly and to be able to make the right decisions at once, you will surely make a good expert in anything that you are going to do in the future.

All of these positive effects provide an opportunity to improve personal and educational skills. It becomes increasingly important when writing essays, searching for literature and better filtering information, working in a group, or just trying to cope with everyday tasks. It’s a big challenge for a young person. But if you need extra help, contact online Its experts provide professional writing assignments and complete them on time and with a certain level of skill.

To sum all up, it is safe to say that there are many undeniable positive effects that video games have on students. However, there are negative ones too. If you want to be able to manage your virtual and real-life experience well, you are bound to find that perfect balance, and that is a tough task, we must say, but you are going to make it!