Gamified slot games concept may appear subtle to the uninitiated online gambling lovers. To their surprise, gamification is a revolutionary innovation that online casinos have progressively embraced in recent years. Gamification techniques have a design that inspires players’ progression into the game with positive rewards. These games have a way to hit players’ brain pleasure centers, making the game more compelling and exciting. This trend has grown so huge to the extent that online casinos devoid of gamified mechanics risk obsolescence.

What is Gamification?

Gamification involves incorporating certain aspects into the game’s mechanics. The parts included relate to the game and aim to increase player engagement and experience. Thus, gamification is entrenched in casino games by initiating ladder-up leaderboards, loyalty points, and badges to compel the player to advance with the game up to a certain prize-winning level. As you progress with the level gamified casino games, you will access relevant updates and information concerning your expectations in the next level.

Gamified online casinos’ primary objective is to enhance user enjoyment through interaction, sharing experiences, and cultivating a collaborative environment with other significant online slots fans. That is why you are likely to interact with loads of heady casino games with in-game missions and adventures that point to clear huge rewards upon hitting some specific levels.

What is The Effect of Gamification in Online Casinos

For decades, the online casino industry has undergone final stages. From self-lubricating wheels back in the 80s to the current gamification trend. These ingenious innovations by game developers and online casino operators aim to improve the online casino experience. For video slots, the concept of gamification is increasingly becoming a major factor, especially among the virtual gaming communities. Top slot machines like Microgaming’s Avalon and NetEnt’s Aliens have immersive gamification features.

Gamified casinos are likely to crowd out traditional un-gamified casinos. Nowadays, you will find online casinos offering interactive virtual players. For instance, some gamification elements allow players to engage in mini-games as they chat and trade valuables like free spins. In such cases, a player exchanges his in-game bonuses with points that help him rise through the ladder faster and pick the set prizes.

Sites offering online casino games are equally leveraging gamification innovation to cultivate loyalty. Online casino gamification approaches qualify you for various VIP/ Loyalty programs as you play games. These programs are replete with exciting deposit bonuses and other perks. Players are set to trigger VIP perks by achieving some adventurous missions. For instance, some casinos will require you to play a specified number of virtual table games or slots within 24 hours to enjoy some bonus features. On the other hand, gamified online gaming platforms have exclusive leaderboards and missions for new players and existing ones. Completing missions takes you up the ladder to access more personalized and impressive rewards.

Top Gamification Casinos

As more casinos launch daily, gamification has become a competitive edge. In the future, this trend might prove a central tool in driving up casinos’ traffic. As more platforms align their sites, here are our selection sites where you can play casino games with cool gamification features.

Rizk Casino

Casino Rizk by Zecure Gaming Limited is a perfect spot for playing slots. When gambling online here, you can trigger the ‘Rizk Wheel’ while playing any game. Any gameplay contributes to the filling of the Rizk power bar. The more you play real money slots, the faster the bar fills to activate the bonus wheel.

Players spin the wheel for exciting level-up chances and rewards when the bar is full. The process continues with every full bar yielding a wheel-spinning opportunity. Successive wheel spins lead you to the coveted jackpots and super spins at advanced levels.


PlayOJO features in our listing of top gamification casinos because casino gamblers can activate cool rewards via the exclusive OJO wheel. Offered under the ‘OJO Specials,’ the OJO Wheel has three options, each with diverse reward levels. Higher OJO levels, of course, offer more exciting prizes.

  • Wheel Easy. This wheel type has guaranteed winning chances.
  • The second level is a ‘Wheel Deal’ with bigger prizes, but winning is unguaranteed.
  • The third level is denoted with ‘Are You For Wheel.’ The level promises fantastic prizes but is highly risky.


Videoslots Limited, a company licensed under the Malta Gaming Authority, operates this casino. The gaming experience is on another level at Videoslots, courtesy of a thrilling player versus player (PVP) Battle of Slots gaming tourney with attractive prize pools.

As players engage in the tournament, they have room to communicate and exchange via the game’s live chat room. This live chat feature is accessible to players 24/7.

The main duel involves Big Win Clash and Spin Clash, where the former sets players to go for top jackpots with the record-shattering prize while the latter can activate a round of free spins in upwards of 500.

What The Future Holds for Gamified Casinos

Many online casinos and software developers are positioned to offer responsive games. Young casino gamers and older ones have found the gamification perspective quite exciting. As we look into the future with many players looking for the ​​best slingo sites to keep themselves entertained, gamification will likely remain a hallmark in online casinos. Surprisingly, online gamification casinos are integrating with social media platforms. Perhaps, this is an innovative way for avid players to share their progress and prizes collected while spinning their gamified slots. Integrating casinos into social media is a potential win-win as casinos will significantly benefit from traffic from new users induced by social sharing. As exciting as it might get, gamification is not just a passing trend but a definitive innovation in the gaming world.

Further, the concept of power-ups is likely to spur the uptake of gamified games. Players, especially young ones, fancy the idea of powering up their characters to boost their characters. Boosted characters are essential in leveling up and winning epic casino prizes.