Both G Suite and Office 365 have various features and functions. When selecting a public service provider, organizations make conclusions based on their business needs. We also have multiple Google Apps users migrating to Office 365.

There are many possible reasons for this migration procedure. Two possible reasons for this migration are the powers of public cloud providers and pricing factors. However, Office 365 integrates multiple advanced features that demand organizations to Migrate G suite to Office 365.

Why do businesses migrate from G Suite to Office 365?

Many users migrate from Google Apps to Office 365 because they find it more reliable and efficient in terms of performance and security. Additionally, below are the potential benefits of Office 365, which (in my opinion) outperforms G Suite in every way.

Familiar Apps with Microsoft Office 365

Compared to most other public cloud providers, Microsoft is familiar with Office 365 apps. Familiarity with MS Office 365 applications is very appealing to Windows-centric organizations that need to migrate from Google’s G Suite to Office 365.

Additionally, Microsoft supports applications very efficiently between the on-premises variant and the Office 365 cloud. The office suite of business applications functions much the same in the cloud as a full on-premises installation. Plus, Office 365 business productivity apps are more feature-rich than G Suite.

Office 365 File and Email Storage

Large storage space is a very basic necessity for any organization. Massive portions of data are generated every day by businesses and individuals. Therefore, you should have sufficient storage space to store your data. Now, there is a big difference when it comes to storage capability between Office 365 and G Suite. Office 365 Business Essentials offers 1 TB of storage per user, while Google’s G Suite Basic plan only offers 30 GB of storage. Additional storage can be purchased for use with G Suite.

Security and Threat Protection

One of the main reasons for moving from G Suite to Office 354 is organizational and user security concerns. Public cloud providers nowadays are proven to be reliable sources of data and privacy protection. But when it comes to G Suite and Office 365, both have different security measures. Google offers security features for G Suite users like the Google Security Center.

However, I believe the security provided by Google is not as strong as Office 365’s security measures. Microsoft spends most of its revenue on security, so it provides an efficient level of security services. Powerful rights management and data loss protection services are provided by Office 365 to protect your information. All of your Office 365 users’ data is protected, including emails, websites, and files. G Suite, on the other hand, provides rights management and data loss protection services to protect your emails. Moreover, Microsoft also provides you with Azure Backup Service which can help you to store data and retrieve it anytime from anywhere with the authenticated login of the user.



When considering all the features of Office 365 and comparing them with G Suite, Office 365 proves to have a lot more to offer. If you’re still not sure about Microsoft or G Suite, Apps4Rent can help. These providers provide complete assistance to your large-scale migration and help you to decide which is better for your business. Moreover, they also provide professional hosting services like Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop with optimum security and flexibility and make sure your productivity does not hamper while working from anywhere.