In the realm of utility infrastructure networks, few companies can match the prowess of Henkels & McCoy, Inc. As a privately held infrastructure construction, design, and engineering contractor, they boast a global presence with more than 50 offices worldwide. With such an extensive operation, managing employee paystubs and benefits manually becomes an arduous and time-consuming task for the organization. This is where the Henkels & McCoy Login Portal steps in, offering a streamlined solution for employees to access their pay stub details, including essential information such as the W-2 form, medical insurance, leave, paid time off, payroll schedule, 401(k) plan, and child benefits.

Accessing the Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Login Portal

If you’re an employee at Henkels & McCoy, you’re in the right place to learn how to effortlessly access and manage your pay stubs through the Henkels Paystub Portal.

If this is your first time using the Henkels Paystub Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to the “Registration” tab and click on the “Register Now” button.
  3. Input your Employee Number.
  4. Enter your Date of Birth following the format provided.
  5. Add the last three digits of your Social Security Number.
  6. Click on the “Submit” button and carefully follow the instructions provided by the portal to complete the registration process.

To access the Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Login Portal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and enter the following URL:, you can click here to open the Henkels & McCoy Login Account.
  2. You will be directed to the Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Login Portal.
  3. Enter your designated “User ID and PIN” provided by Henkels & McCoy’s HR department.
  4. Once you’ve entered your credentials, click the “Sign In” option to access your Henkels & McCoy PayStubs account.

Resetting Your Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub PIN

If you ever need to reset your PIN for the Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Login, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub website.
  2. Click on the “Forgot Your Pin?” link.
  3. Enter your username and the associated email address.
  4. Click on the “Reset Pin” button.
  5. Follow the instructions sent to your email to reset your PIN securely.

Resetting Your Henkels & McCoy Username

To reset your Henkels & McCoy username, adhere to the following process:

  1. Contact Henkels & McCoy support, either through HR or IT channels.
  2. Request a username reset.
  3. Verify your identity by providing the necessary information.
  4. Follow the instructions provided by the support representative.
  5. Set a new username following the given guidelines.
  6. Update your records with the new username for seamless access.

Registering for Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Account

To register for your Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Account, perform the following steps:

  1. Visit the Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub website.
  2. Click on the “Register” button to commence the registration process.
  3. Provide your valid Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Zip Code.
  4. Press the “Continue” button to proceed.
  5. Create your username and password.

Now, you have complete access to your pay stubs and other vital payroll information.

Accessing Your Pay Stubs

Once you’ve successfully logged in or completed the registration process, you can easily view, download, and print your pay stubs, which contain comprehensive payroll details.

You also have the option to receive your pay summary via phone, text message, or email. To enable this feature, provide your phone number or email address, and you’ll be able to access your pay summary through your preferred method.

W2 Statements

For tax-related purposes, Henkels & McCoy provides W2 statements. You can expect to receive your W2 statement by January 31st at your home address. After logging in with your company’s login credentials, you can access your W2 statement-related information at

Henkel & McCoy: Empowering Employees

Henkels & McCoy, a US-based engineering, construction, and maintenance firm, is privately owned and renowned for providing energy, telecommunications, and transportation infrastructure solutions. To access employee perks and pay stubs, you’ll typically find them on the company’s employee portal or HR system. These portals are secure and require company-issued access credentials, ensuring data confidentiality.

For any assistance with logging into the employee site to view your pay stubs and benefits, it’s advisable to contact HR or IT support. They can provide you with precise account access instructions and address any queries you may have.

When it comes to obtaining accurate and up-to-date information on Henkels & McCoy’s benefits, their official resources or HR representatives remain the most reliable sources.


In conclusion, the Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Login Portal simplifies the process of accessing essential payroll information. If you have any queries or require additional assistance, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the designated comment box.

Henkels & McCoy Pay Stub Login FAQ

1. What if I don’t have a username and password for the Henkels & McCoy employee portal? If you lack a username and password, contact Henkels & McCoy’s HR department or IT support. They will guide you in obtaining the necessary login credentials.

2. Can I access my pay stubs from a mobile device or smartphone? Depending on the features offered by Henkels & McCoy, you may be able to access your pay stubs from a mobile device. Check for a mobile app or a mobile-friendly version of the employee portal.

3. How often are pay stubs available on the Henkels & McCoy employee portal? Pay stub availability aligns with Henkels & McCoy’s pay schedule. Typically, pay stubs become accessible shortly after each pay period, allowing you to view and download them.

4. Can I view previous pay stubs on the Henkels & McCoy employee portal? Yes, the employee portal usually permits access to view your previous pay stubs. You can navigate to the appropriate section or select the desired date range to access past pay stubs.

5. Are the pay stubs on the Henkels & McCoy employee portal printable? Yes, you can typically print your pay stubs from the employee portal. An option to download or print the pay stub document is usually available.

6. How can I update my personal information on the Henkels & McCoy employee portal? To update personal information such as address, contact details, or tax withholding, navigate to the relevant section within the employee portal.

7. Are pay stubs on the Henkels & McCoy employee portal password-protected? Yes, pay stubs and other sensitive information on the employee portal are typically password-protected to ensure data confidentiality.

8. Can I access my W-2 forms on the Henkels & McCoy employee portal? Henkels & McCoy may provide access to W-2 forms on the employee portal. You can usually find them in the tax documents section or a designated area for tax-related information.

9. What if I encounter technical issues while using the Henkels & McCoy employee portal? For technical difficulties, such as errors or site malfunctions, contact the IT support team at Henkels & McCoy. They will assist in resolving any issues.

10. Can I change my username on the Henkels & McCoy employee portal? The ability to change your username may depend on specific policies and configurations set by Henkels & McCoy. If you wish to change your username, contact the HR department or IT support for guidance.