Social media has taken over the networking space by making connections and interactions simpler. Nevertheless, the ease of using social media for networking comes with great responsibility, especially if you hope to build and maintain valuable relationships. To help you get it right, here are five social media networking tips.

1.    Choose the right platforms

With so many social media apps available, choosing the right platform for your needs is critical. To do this, look at the top apps in the market and narrow down on the best one based on its features and the audience it attracts.

You should also consider the most common type of content on the social media platform and whether it suits your preferences. For example, a video-sharing app is your best choice if you love creating videos. On the other hand, a purpose-built professional network is better if your focus is career networking.

2.    Know what to share in your posts

Before you share a post on your social media page, carefully evaluate how it might impact your reputation. Your online reputation can easily be ruined by posting inappropriate pictures, insensitive or discriminatory content, and offensive jokes. Once you share a post, it can be retrieved and used against you years after you posted it. This might cost you a job or business opportunity or destroy your social standing.

3.    Have a purpose before you engage

You must never abuse the ability to use your social media accounts to reach out to thousands of individuals, influential figures, and role models from across the globe. To ensure this, always have a purpose before engaging with anyone on social media. You should also be guided by basic social media etiquette, as your online behavior reflects who you are in person. Essentially, this involves avoiding:

  • Coming off as needy or desperate
  • Sending messages when you are emotional or angry
  • Spamming the inbox of any individual
  • Tagging your contacts on unnecessary posts or comments
  • Bullying or trolling people who do not respond back

4.    Join groups and discussions of interest

One of the most effective ways to let the right people know you better on social media, without needing self-introduction, is by joining groups and discussions of interest. As you participate in these groups and discussions, your peers will notice you and start engaging with you both within these areas and on your page.

5.    Always be cautious

Social media networking comes with its risks, and for your safety, it is best to take extra care by:

  • Managing your privacy settings to limit who can see your profile, posts, and online activity
  • Using strong passwords and protecting your mobile phone or computer to prevent hackers from accessing your accounts
  • Taking action whenever necessary, such as blocking and reporting to authorities, if someone is bullying, threatening, or harassing you
  • Avoiding sharing personal information on your profile, posts, or with your contacts


To leverage social media networking for your success, you have to do it right, and with these tips, you can use your favorite platforms to build meaningful relationships.