Whether you admit it or not, social media is now a factor in socialization in modern times. You would probably have to attend parties or gatherings when knowing more people. And although you can still go to such events, you cannot help but admit that you have met more people thanks to social media. It does not matter if you met them as a possible friend, workmate, or potential love interest. This platform helps everyone in connecting people.

And while other people can know you on social media, there will be times that you have to give more details about yourself. After all, simply adding your birth sign, such as a libra sign emoji, for instance, will not be enough to express yourself even more. Of course, it is not the case if you value your privacy. But if you want others to know you better, here are some tips.

1. Pick From Your Favorite Display Photos

First impressions last when meeting new people, be it at a party or a job interview. It is also the same case in social media. You would want to show what you look like in your profile picture so people you meet can recognize you when you meet up to hang out personally. Not to mention, you can show off your defining physical traits when you use a picture you love as your display photo. Other people will immediately notice your beautiful eyes or your approachable and friendly looks.

As for your cover photo, it does not necessarily have to be a photo of you. Here, you can be more creative and expressive. Feel free to add a picture of your pet, something related to your hobby, or your comfort places, such as beaches, parks, or any other venues that you find peaceful. Your profile picture and cover photo both show not only you but also display the things you enjoy in life.

2. Write Down a Few Short Details on Your Bio

Your bio is not just for display! You can write down something in your bio to serve as a teaser to your personality and characteristics. Sure, it only allows for short and brief details. Nevertheless, you can put whatever you want in it. Most people would write down their age or the year they were born. Meanwhile, some would write down their nationality or profession. It is up to you to mix it up to make your bio look interesting or intriguing.

Meanwhile, some platforms can also show where you graduated or currently work. Facebook, for instance, has this format where you can add your hometown, school, and job experience. The mobile app of this platform even allows you to pick your favorite song. And as we all know, a person’s favorite song or genre can be an excellent conversation starter, especially if you want to make friends with that person. Overall, your bio can serve as an introduction to people who want to make friends or be acquainted with you.

3. Show Your Interests by Posting Them

When you enjoy doing or are proud of something, you cannot help but show them. After all, you love it, and you are passionate about it. So, to truly show how much you enjoy your hobbies or passions, feel free to post them on your social media, too! Not only do you get to flaunt what you are passionate about, but you can also meet people who share the same interest along the way.

For instance, you post pictures of your drawings or paintings. Or, you do vocal covers of your favorite songs. Such posts can gather attention, awe, and respect, especially when people do not expect them. And who knows, you might meet people who are also passionate about their craft and want to collaborate with you.


But you do not have to post about your favorite craft or hobbies constantly. Feel free to post photos, videos, or even vlogs of your recent out-of-town trip. Everybody likes taking vacations and is always searching for possible spots. So by doing so, you get to share what you experienced.

4. Add and Record Stories

Do you want to let others know what you often do daily? If you do, feel free to add stories to your profile. You get to show what you do every day without spamming your posts. Not to mention, these stories, although only available for 24 hours, are more up to date compared to posting.

An example is when you post a photo or short video of your vacation. Allow the app you are using to take pictures and videos through your phone, and voila! You can now immediately post anything interesting through your stories. They may include your photos on the beach or a short clip of you singing a song. You can even share memes via stories, so you can show your sense of humor without spamming the newsfeed of your mutuals.

5. Be Yourself

It all boils down to this tip. At the end of the day, it is your profile, and as long as you are not offending or harming people, go wild and do what you want with it. Use any picture you think is fantastic as your display picture. Post your favorite hobbies or share anything that captures your attention. Let people see your bio and stories so they can know more about you.

And sometimes, people cannot help but compare themselves to others. In cases like this, perhaps the best way to deal with it is not to think about it. You do you, as long as you are not harming anyone. As Dr. Seuss’s quote goes, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

In a Nutshell

As most people spend their time on their phones today, it is no surprise that social media is now playing a crucial role in our lives. Whether it is to keep updated on current trends or be in touch with others, this format has changed our ways of socializing. Feel free to keep these tips in mind so you can get to make more friends and acquaintances with this platform.