Manga is a Japanese style of comic books which has proven to be a big hit around the world. But it’s difficult to distinguish official English translations from fan-made translations. For that, you need to know the perfect sites to read manga online.  Manga in Japanese translates into images or animations. The comics come in various styles and genres also, including all of the mainstream genres such as Romance, Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-fi, and Sports. Manga is a flourishing industry in Japan and all around the world. The uniqueness and the expressive style of the manga maintain a reader engaged and intrigued all of the time. The majority of the manga are published in series. This series consists of several pieces. This is where manga sites come in handy. You can keep a track on upcoming manga components and track your progress also.

For a long time, manga comics Were not formally translated into English, nor available digitally. This led to the growth of”scanlations,” the first Japanese comics were scanned, and fans interpreted them in the speech bubbles.

Things have changed for the better since then. There are some excellent apps and manga websites to read comics. And you do not have to rely on these unofficial sites and scanlations either. Here are the top ways to read manga online. All entirely legal.


Mangafreak is a website that offers a Vast array of manga comics for free of cost. The website features a collection of a wide range of manga comics ranging from various different genres. Comics from Action, Romance, School, Sci-fi, Thriller, Adventure and Mental genre are available on the web site.  The website looks very clean and provides a minimalistic design. The theme of the website is on the darker side. The website also features a New Releases section at the top and Random Button to get a random manga to read when you can not decide what to read. It also offers an advanced search feature which you can use to narrow Down to a particular manga.

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Mangahere is a popular website which Offers a huge selection of manga comics. The website offers over a million manga comics which can be downloaded or read online. And the website offers them for free. The site is updated regularly with new episodes. You can find manga comics from all genres on this site.

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Mangakakalot is another manga Site. The website offers a huge array of manga comics which range from other genres such as Comedy, Ecchi, Historical, Medical, Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, and Supernatural. The website mainly contains manga’s, that have been translated into English. The website is often updated on a daily basis to make certain that you don’t miss an episode of your favourite manga. The website permits you to search manga by author name. Consequently, it is going to record all manga comics written by the writer.

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Mangafox tops the list as it provides a massive number of new and old manga comics. All the new and old mangas are distinguished into specific genres. The user-interface of the site is simple and in addition, it provides a search feature. You can use it to sort the comics by language, genre, author, year and fame. The web site has distinct sections that feature the most recent and popular manga. As soon as you register on the site, it will help you keep monitor of the manga you’re presently reading. You get immediately notified when a new part/episode of this manga releases.

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Kissmanga is among the best sites which provide manga. The site not only offers a massive selection of manga comics but in addition, it has recent releases and top manga series. The web site has a simple user-interface that’s easy to use. It is easy to navigate through popular and recent manga releases. There are a whole lot of different genres on the website. It is easy to locate mangas out of Romance, Sports, School, Mystery, Tragedy and Action genres . The website also offers a forum where a user can request recommendations or share any information related to Manga.

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Apps to read manga online on your phone

1. ComicWalker

  • Works on: Web, Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free

Kadokawa Is one of the largest manga publishers in Japan. Fed up with the scanlations, the organization launched its official support to read comics online for free.  Not all of Kadokawa’s popular titles can be found here, but many are. You can actually use the app without signing up, although registering adds some cool features like creating a library of favorites, and getting notifications when a new issue is published.

ComicWalker This is The place to go if all you need to do is read manga with no hassles. And since it works from the browser, you can read it from your office too.

2. BookWalker

  • Works on: Web, Android, iOS
  • Cost: Per Book

BookWalker is your one-stop shop for legal and official digital comics from Japan. Launched by Kadokawa, the service now includes all of the popular publishers, including Viz, Kodansha, and Yen. Basically, this is like shopping on the Kindle shop.  Download the BookWalker program on your mobile device or Proceed to the site on your PC browser. You can browse by categories, genres, publishers, or writers. Pick what you want, pay the sum, and it’s added to your BookWalker catalog for eternity.

It’s An app made for manga, which makes it better than a one-size-fits-all app like ComiXology. Additionally, a library of these original covers looks pretty neat.