Superuser is the term given to the user account that has overall control of the Android operating system and is usually achieved by rooting the device or the OS. Rooting means unlocking the OS restrictions to the user so that he/she may be able to make changes that are otherwise restricted by the OS.

What is superuser used for?

Superuser accounts are highly privileged accounts primarily used for administration by specialized IT employees. These users/accounts may have virtually unlimited privileges, or ownership, over a system. Superuser account privileges may allow: full read/write/ execute privileges.

What is the use of superuser in Android?

Superuser (or SuperSu) app grants you Administrator rights (also called as “root access”) to run or install specific app restricted by the Android Operating System for a security concerns.

How do I disable super user?

Open the crappy app you used to try and root your phone and it may have an uninstall function in its settings or options use that or if no uninstall in the app just uninstall it and any other app it has installed then reboot your phone and try opening a few apps like your banking one.