Free and exclusively user-friendly GPS software that doesn’t require Root. It’s compatible with any android device and doesn’t need any kind of internet or wireless connection to use it. That’s why users don’t have to worry about extra roaming fees when traveling abroad.

Each user starting Navfree at first time must download his country and other countries maps depending on the journey route. After that no internet connection is needed. In that way, this GPS software doesn’t require to have lots of free space in your mobile device like many others.

No problem if route changes and you don’t have that new added city map, it can be downloaded any time.
Talking about software menu, it looks quite simple with some cool features. If you’re traveling on foot then walking mode is just what you need. Navfree even lets you enjoy all the music you have on your android. Somehow no info about the song is displayed, but main music control buttons lets easy switch through the playlist and stop or mute the track.

Only one thing we found that’s not working right it’s search by address function. Sometimes you just have to point your final destination straight on the map.

Download (14,4MB)