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internet | | IoT: Internet of Things in Real Estate

IoT: Internet of Things in Real Estate 

In today’s digital world there’s always something new around the corner, with promises of cutting costs, saving time, and making our lives easier. This is no less true for the commercial sector, which continually benefits from the introduction of new technology. The pandemic has only…

unlimited internet | | What is the cheapest unlimited internet plan?

What is the cheapest unlimited internet plan? 

With the growing need for the internet and the advancement of technology, everyone is on the lookout for deals that can aid their browsing experience. But, can speed, monthly charges, internet fees, and taxes affect your choice for the best internet deals? If so, you…

pubg buildings not loading

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading ? 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is arguably 2019’s most massive trending game, both on Android and Windows. Its realistic graphics, sound, and variety of weapons and design give it a taste no gamer can resist. Many PUBG players are recently reporting an issue with their game. PUBG players…

backdoor security | | Cybersecurity Risks and Factors to Consider

Cybersecurity Risks and Factors to Consider 

Cybersecurity comprises practices and technologies that are employed to keep electronic data and computer systems safe. We live in a digital era where more and more of our social lives and businesses are online. It means more reliance on networks, programs, and computers, now more…

work from home | | 7 Best Work-From-Home Tech Tools

7 Best Work-From-Home Tech Tools 

Working from home may seem like a paradise. There’s more time to spend with family and pets, and you get to do it in your pajamas if you want to. But these things can also hinder productivity. Plus, even without those distractions, it’s no easy task…

5G internet

Will 5G improve my mobile gaming experience 

The world we live in is fast, intense and time is always of the essence. Speed makes everything better and this is particularly true when it comes to Internet connections and the performance of our gadgets. Mobile devices are used by billions to communicate, learn…

google offline maps download cover | | Google Maps without an Internet connection

Google Maps without an Internet connection 

Lost in Nowhereland with no Internet connection as far as you can see? As always, Google Maps can help you find your way back, as long as you have an iOS or an Android device, even if you are offline. Google recently added a feature…