More and more people are warming up to the idea of streaming content on Netflix due to the quality and diverse range of content the platform offers. Today you can access the platform in over 130 countries, and the list is continuing to grow.

However, you might be dazed to find out that not all content on Netflix is available everywhere. Geoblocks cause this, but there are ways to bypass them. For instance, you can watch American Netflix using VPN platforms such as Express VPN. The US version of Netflix is the most diverse and by a mile. It has over 500 movies that are not available anywhere else.

One such movie that is only available on US Netflix is Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse. This is an animated Spiderman movie that exists on its own, unlike other Spiderman movies. This has allowed the movie to be uploaded on Netflix for viewers to enjoy.

Such movies are also limited by their licenses, limiting the areas in which they can be broadcasted by platforms such as Netflix. Let’s look at why you need a VPN to watch Netflix and how to do it, and also some of the best VPNs to use.

Why Do You Need A VPN to Stream American Netflix?

Netflix has various content catalogs that vary from country to country. This is because the contracts agreed upon with the content producers might restrict the content from being broadcast elsewhere.

Some countries also advise Netflix to remove some of the content in their spheres of influence because they could be going against the law or the culture of the land.

In order to view such restricted content, you need to find a way to bypass restrictions. The best way to bypass content is with a VPN. VPNs scramble your IP address to match any country that you want them to.

For instance, if you are in New Zealand and want to watch Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse, you simply log into a VPN and link it to a US server, allowing you to access Netflix’s American catalog of movies and TV shows.


How Can You Unblock American Netflix Content with A VPN?

Using a VPN is straightforward. Below are some of the steps to guide you.

  • Select a good VPN provider. You can browse online and check on various kinds and choose from the top-rated ones. After picking, subscribe to the platform by making a payment.
  • Next, you will be prompted to download the VPN. After downloading, allow the VPN to install without any hurry and conclude the installation.
  • Open the app and log in with the credentials you made when setting up your account and making payment.

From this point forward, you can pick the country where you want your IP address to appear. From the options given available, select US server, and the VPN will automatically connect to an American server. Then you can log in to Netflix and stream Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

Some of The Best VPNs to Unblock Netflix Include:

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a budget-friendly but reliable VPN for unblocking Netflix content in any country. For instance, if you are not in the US or UK, Nord VPN can allow you to view all Netflix content restricted to these countries.

A VPN also needs to be responsive, and Nord VPN is no exception. It has decent speeds that allow streaming content in HD. Nord VPN is also superb because it has an app compatible with various platforms, including iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows, and Amazon Fire TV. In addition, a single Nord VPN account can be used by six devices simultaneously.

Express VPN

Express VPN is perhaps the best option when it comes to unblocking Netflix content. This platform is renowned for its fast speeds that allow you to stream even 4K content.

Express VPN is a paid platform, but it’s ideal because it has servers in various countries. This platform also has a 24/7 live support team that will help you immediately in case you run into problems when streaming.

Apart from Netflix, Express VPN can also unblock content on HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, among others. The platform also has an app compatible with various platforms, including iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows, Amazon Fire TV.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, there are several movies and TV shows that Netflix has restricted to certain countries, as illustrated above. One of the best ways to view such content is to invest in a good VPN that will bypass the Geo-restrictions.