Moving to a new city like Hyderabad is a period filled with excitement and newness. You’re focused on exploring your new city, finding flats for rent in Hyderabad, making friends, settling into your new surroundings and getting comfortable. And since this is a time of transition and adjustment it’s normal for your health and fitness to take a backseat. But as time passes and you get used to living in Hyderabad, you suddenly find that you’re sleep deprived, putting on weight, eating unhealthily and forgetting to exercise. And that can be a huge bummer.

Even if you’re new to a city and think that you’re too busy for fitness, you need to prioritize your health. And it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can take care of yourself without even leaving your flat by making small changes to your lifestyle. And that’s what we’re here to help with. So, take a look at our simple tips to help you stay fit in a new city.

Long term vs short term

Most of the time, you’re probably thinking that you “can’t find time” to exercise or eat right. And the reasons often happen to do with having a long-term outcome in mind. You probably think that exercising will help you accomplish your future goal – whether it’s losing weight or fitting into a new pair of jeans or being healthy in your later life. And when a goal isn’t immediate, it tends to lead to procrastination. After all, there’s plenty of time for you to reach the future and you can exercise then, right? Wrong. You need to reorient yourself to think about the immediate and short-term benefits of exercise, rather than just the intangible long term ones. Think about how exercise can relieve you of your stress, make you feel happier or even expand your social circle. It’s only if you’re able to see an immediate value to your life that you’re going to be motivated to adopt this habit.

Take it slow

One of the key mistakes that most people make when starting a fitness journey is taking things too quickly. If you’ve been living a pretty sedentary life so far, you can’t be expected to run a marathon immediately. Instead, try to build up to your goal in baby steps. Start by making changes to your diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water. Let your body adjust to these changes. Then begin with simple cardio exercises like walking or running for fifteen minutes a day. Even these simple habits will build your strength and stamina and you’ll find yourself able to go for much longer. Then you can add strength training and other elements to your workout and start pushing yourself more. Just remember that you’re in charge of the pace and you don’t need to match anyone else’s rhythms.

Change is okay

One of the main reasons that you might be finding it difficult to stick to an exercise routine is the monotony of doing the same thing every day. Well, that’s the beauty of a fitness journey. You really don’t need to have an identical routine every single day. So, feel free to experiment with a variety of workouts in different styles to keep things interesting for yourself. There’s no rule that you have to sweat it out in the gym if you want to be fit – sign up for a dance class, go swimming or try an at-home workout – whatever makes it fun for you.

Get some tech support

It can feel difficult to maintain your motivation to stay fit alone in your flat on rent in Hyderabad without a little extrinsic motivation. And that’s where technology can come in handy. Using apps like pedometers, exercise trackers and virtual training programmes can help you to visualise your progress and meet your fitness goals. You’ll also receive regular reminders, tips and other information to help you maximise your exercise. If you’re looking for a support system, sign up for an online fitness group or community, or find a podcast that motivates you. It’s a lot easier to exercise when you don’t feel like you’re in it alone.

Put it in your schedule

If you’re serious about making fitness a part of your life, you need to be consistent. Which means that you need to put your workout habits into your daily schedule. This will ensure that you’re actually choosing a time that’s feasible for you, prevent you from scheduling conflicting priorities and help your body get used to a new routine.

Fitness is a very personal thing, but it’s really important, especially when you’re living on your own. Taking care of yourself by performing regular exercise and taking care of your diet will certainly pay off in the long run and have immediate positive impacts on your mood and health. We hope these tips make it a little easier for you to start your fitness journey in Hyderabad. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your workout gear and get a move on!