Proper maintenance of your inverter batteries is key to ensuring peak performance of the batteries throughout the entire duration of its service life. Therefore, unless you spend some time understanding the basics of proper upkeep of your inverter battery, then you can’t expect them to deliver the performance that you expect from them, and the service life of the battery could be drastically reduced.

In this article, we will look at a few tips that will allow you to maintain your inverter batteries better so that they keep performing at its peak for years to come!

Keep your Batteries at an Airy Place

The first thing to do whenever you buy a new inverter battery is to place it somewhere that’s airy. Placing the battery in a place that is completely closed off will make the batteries heat up and increase the risk of overheating leading to a potential fire hazard. Therefore, ensure that you reserve a place that’s relatively open, and place the batteries there to ensure a longer service life, and safety of your home.

Regularly Clean the Battery Terminals

Keep a look out for dust and worn-out parts on the battery terminals and ensure that you keep them clean. In case, you find out that certain parts are damaged beyond redemption, call in for technical assistance to ensure optimum performance and service life of the batteries.

Only Use Distilled Water for Top Ups

Using tap water for topping up the battery’s water levels is a strict ‘no’ as it contains contaminants such as minerals and other elements. Instead, use distilled water whenever it’s time to top up the water levels to keep your inverter batteries safe from any potential issues that may crop up by using tap water.

Keep Your Inverter Batteries Away from Flammable Objects

It’s vital to ensure that your inverter batteries are nowhere close to any flammable objects to reduce the risk of a fire hazard or potential explosion in the batteries.

Keep the Battery Surface Clean

Always keep the surface of the inverter batteries clean of any dust or water. It’s as simple as using a cotton cloth to clean the surface, so ensure that you clean the surface periodically to keep them in top shape.

Check for Damaged Wires

Ensure that there are no crimps or breaks in the wires that leave them exposed to the elements. Not only do they reduce your inverter battery efficiency; damaged wires pose a serious threat as they can lead to instances of a short-circuit leading to a fire hazard.

Check the Acid Levels

Keep a watch out on the float indicators to check the acid levels. It’s important to ensure that the acid levels are equal in the cells for the proper functioning of the inverter batteries. In case, you find that the acid levels are unequal, open the float indicators, and top up the inverter battery with DM water till the specified limit. As a word of caution, do not fill the batteries beyond the specified limit to ensure safe operating conditions for the battery.

Keeping these simple points in mind will not only keep the inverter batteries performing at its peak, but it will also significantly increase their service life. So, ensure that you follow these tips if you want maximum performance and efficiency. In case, your old battery has worn out and you are contemplating buying a new one, do check out Luminous’ range of exceptional inverter batteries available across a range of budget options.

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