Does your business use lots of cardboard? Does waste cardboard enter your bins for disposal? If so, you may be able to save space and money by installing a cardboard baling machine. Baling machines are extremely popular with retailers and others who use lots of cardboard, but they’re also especially useful when there’s a need to reduce waste going to landfill. To find out how a baling machine can help you reduce waste and save money, continue reading.

What is a baling machine?

A baling machine, or baler as it is sometimes called, compacts cardboard waste into a bale that can be stored on pallets or stacked in containers or skips. The machine wraps the paper using either string or galvanized steel wire and then compresses it before wrapping the bundle with plastic sheeting.

Here are some benefits of using a baling machine:

Lower your waste costs

Cardboard is bulky. It can quickly fill waste bins which then require emptying. Therefore, by reducing the need for so many waste collections you can start to reduce your waste costs. A baling machine will compact cardboard into securely packed bales that are easier to store and require less space. Consequently, the number of waste collections required can be reduced.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Baling machines help to reduce your carbon footprint by keeping cardboard out of the landfill. Additionally, the reduction in the number of waste collection journeys will also reduce your carbon footprint due to the fewer collections required to remove your cardboard waste.

Longer lasting storage

The compact size of baled cardboard makes it easy to store for longer. Baled cardboard takes up less space than loose boxes and you can stack it more securely. This means that baled cardboard can be stored more efficiently and safely, therefore reducing the need to dispose of old boxes.

Easier handling

Bales of cardboard are quicker to handle than loose boxes. The process of compressing boxes also removes the need for someone to break down each individual box. This means that you can move boxes around your warehouse more easily and quickly.

Reduce landfill tax

If your business generates a lot of waste cardboard you’ll be paying landfill tax (tax on waste) each year. By using a baling machine, you can reduce the amount of cardboard that would have gone to landfill. In fact, baled cardboard can be sold as a commodity.

It’s not just cardboard that can be put through a baler. A baler can also compact the following:

  • Plastic packaging
  • Paper
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Plastic pallets
  • Wood
  • Dry industrial waste
  • Textiles

Many businesses and organizations struggle with how to handle the large amounts of cardboard that accumulate, along with other dry recyclable materials such as plastic and paper. By using a baling machine you can pack boxes more neatly and securely, therefore reducing the amount of space they take up. This means that you can store cardboard for longer and dispose of it when necessary. The baled cardboard is easier to handle, store, and transport than loose boxes. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by selling used bales.