We certainly live in an era of capitalism and consumerism. Every day brings some updates, new products, new versions of old products, new apps, and way too much information.

There is also an addiction to buying new stuff every possible time we can. Globalization has helped a lot in that process, so quality and supply have become much better.

It all has made us less careful. The fun fact is that a lot of damage to mobiles happens within a year of getting it, and all because of our careless behavior. Interestingly, the spilled liquid ( beer and soda) is the most common cause of damage.

So, if you’re asking if there’s a need for a new mobile repair store, the answer is – YES!

How to start?

In the beginning, you should ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is there a demand for your services?
  2. Which type of organization or business structure is the best for your mobile repair store?

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In the last paragraph, we gave you an answer to the first question – YES, there is definitely a demand for your services.

When we talk about a business structure for your company, the most common type is the Limited Liability Company (if you are from the Midwest, you should inform yourself about setting up an llc in Indiana). Like every business managing model, it has a lot of pros and cons, so you should consider all of it and see if it’s proper for your company. After that, check the regulations in your country and make sure that you’ve fulfilled all requirements.

After these two steps, you should assure that you have a marketing mindset. What does that mean? That means you know about the 4 Ps because they are the foundation of your business.

If you don’t know what that is, keep reading.

Marketing Mix (4 Ps)

Companies have passed through 4 phases in business management. The last one is marketing oriented, which means that the focus is on consumer or buyer of your goods or services. The most important thing is to create and give value to them. You exist because of them, never is inverse. Don’t forget that!

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So, you need a good marketing strategy to communicate with your consumers and to know what their needs are. In that way, 4 Ps will help you to set the job on its feet in a really good and healthy way.

The marketing mix is:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place

As you can see, every part of the marketing mix starts with the letter “P”. Today, you can even have 8 Ps, but we will talk about that some other time. For now, 4 Ps is a good beginning.

Also, before you start with the 4 Ps, create your ideal consumer – persona. Find out who is that person, level of income, years, gender, lifestyle, etc.


In the case of a mobile repair store, there is no product, but there is a service. So, you need to see:

  • Which services are preferred by your costumers
  • What do they need the most from you
  • What is the best way of making value for them
  • Which parameter (for example, the time required for repair) is the most valuable
  • What is your competitive advantage

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself. It is important to know what you give to your consumers and how do you help them in their life.


With this you have to be really careful, otherwise, you might have a problem with competitors and finish the game even before starting it.

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Promotion helps you to find your consumers and helps them to find you. You need to position yourself in their minds. This means that when they have some problem with their phone, they have to think of you first.

Today you have a really wide range of advertising possibilities. The best for you is digital marketing or guerrilla marketing.

You can have an Instagram or Facebook page with all information about you, photos of your service, smart ideas, and tips. That is the way to make relationships with people who need you. With a smart post on social media, you can make a lot, so research and begin.

Guerrilla marketing is the cheapest way of promotion for small businesses. It is a recognizable and innovative way to promote yourself. You just have to be creative.


Sometimes this “P” is crucial. People like it when something is close to them. Consumers don’t like to make a lot of effort ito something. They want more for the less.

So, your job is to make it easier for them to reach you, by positioning near the center of the city, with good parking space.

One extra advice

Leave them speechless! Give them more than they expect. One extra thing that will make them smile.

That is the way to bring your consumers back to you, whenever they have a problem with their mobile.Be different and unique and others will for sure recognize that!