Mobile phones let people do a lot of tasks with almost no physical effort. The evolution of a mobile phone to the device that we call a smartphone today started in the very early 21st century. Being used only as a communication tool, a device began to allow its users to listen to music, play games, take photos and videos, gave the pocket access to the Internet.

Nowadays smartphones, with no exaggeration, are compared to computers or laptops, but are more affordable and convenient to use. And thereby there appear even more and more ways to use the gadget.

Mobile gaming has been accompanying the mobile industry for almost all of its lifetime. This is not only about smartphones – people use tablets and smart devices to play the games as well. In 2022, the global Mobile gaming market estimated at almost US$95 Billion, and is projected to reach a size of US$139.5 Billion by 2026. That is a consequence of the steady growth of the industry, continuing for the last 5 years and strengthening during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The features of Mobile gambling

One of the parts of the Mobile gaming industry to show up a significant growth is Mobile gambling. Many researches were held on the Mobile gambling, with the research by Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom on top of them. Despite a huge amount of statistics there, the Mobile gamblers’ impressions and opinions also were analyzed.

Many respondents indicated that they like a huge variety of casinos, their types and themes when they gamble via their mobile devices. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the casino you want to play more. So, it may be useful to study some reviews, for example, if you’re from Canada, you shall consider studying the fastest payout online casinos for Canadians on the CasinoLuck website.

Many people prioritize saving their free time for spending it with their families and friends, as our life is becoming more and more speed up. Some people feel uncomfortable while visiting a land-based casino, or they don’t have enough time for that, so online casinos are a great opportunity for them. That’s why mobile gamblers play while walking, having a snack or stuck in a traffic jam, being able to begin and to stop it in one or two taps.

Mobile casinos, in turn, constantly improve the users’ experience, make the process more stable, fast and invent new technologies for making gambling even more comfortable and fun. The multiple experiments with Virtual and Augmented Reality, usage of gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox lead to the constant progress in the field of Mobile gambling opportunities. The software providers also contribute to the industries’ development.

What about betting?

Saying a word about betting, the market there is very competitive nowadays. As almost all the popular projects share their mobile apps and offer special bonuses for using their official app, this is one of the biggest parts of the Mobile gambling market.

The pandemic affected the betting market as well. While some traditional sport competitions were postponed or even cancelled, a considerable percentage of bets was made for Esports matches. With a raise of betting on FIFA matches, instead of soccer, and almost no raise in betting on classic Esports games like Counter Strike or League of Legends, some experts are sure that it was temporary for Esports. We have to wait for experts and the statistical reports to make sure about that.

If you’re a novice in gambling and betting, you shall either ask your friends to find the best and safest betting project or study the information, provided by trustworthy and independent sources on the Internet.

Some things for a gambler to avoid

Nevertheless, the Mobile gambling share one of the problem consequences of Mobile gaming. The Mobile gambling addiction is a very dangerous thing. Being more convenient and affordable than ever before, Mobile gambling takes away hours from people every day. Despite the typical features of gambling addiction, when people lose a lot of money and just cannot stop spinning slots, there are also features of Mobile gaming addiction, when people get into accidents, playing while crossing the road, or to miss the opened hatch on the road. Recently this issue was among those discussed a lot in Australia, where there were multiple cases for that. So, if you are Australian, find a safe place before browsing the OnlineCasinoGo website to find the best casinos to play.

Getting back to the pros of Mobile gambling, its certain advantage is the anonymity of a player. As people care about what others think about them, gamblers might feel uncomfortable or shy while playing in a land-based casino because of different stereotypes about the games. Sometimes people are afraid of being joked about playing their favorite cartoon-themed slot machine, but with Mobile gambling a person can just stay at home and enjoy their game without any condemnation.

Final say

Regardless of your current gambling experience, you shall consider Mobile gambling. It’s pretty easy to start playing even for a beginner, and a huge choice of slot machines, thematic roulette, blackjack tables with all the possible rules variations will help everyone find something that you will handle and enjoy.