Are you a fan of anime? Do you enjoy streaming them online, or do you want to want to download them? If you are one, you should check out websites such as 9anime. To but to download anime torrents from some of the biggest torrent sites, look no further!

Anime has become one precious gem that is loved by people from all over the world. The fact that its viewers have increased a tenfold over the last decade demonstrates much fame anime has gained. And, if you’re looking to download anime free well, you came to the right location. Or if you’re looking for some of the best anime torrent sites, then you need to know we have you covered.

Every country has it is related to by something that people from abroad. In Japan’s case, that component is inventive and its entertainment system, and it is evident in the number of options that the creativity of professionals produce not just for their citizens but also as content available for export.

Television series, film business, a big video game, and technology supply and more than a few shares of stations and streaming websites from Japan are widely available for local and foreign folks.

There can be several definitions of anime, but the most suitable one is a computer animation with an exciting plot and a design, frequently associated and originated in Japan.

How to download Anime Free?
How to download Anime Free?

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How to download Anime Free?

There are a lot of anime download sites available on the internet that provide a direct download anime link for various anime shows. But there is a chance that you are downloading malware or virus. In many cases, problems regarding copyright happen, which causes these websites to shut down.
Among the most sources to download anime free, are torrents. Torrents are not just for downloading anime but may be used for various functions like downloading e-books, movies, songs, TV shows. Torrents are useful as they ensure fast and safety downloads. The reason being GB’s of data are broken down into small parts after.

Best Sites to Download Anime Torrents

To enjoy anime, there are lots of dedicated anime sites that are also mobile-friendly, and let’s watch the Animes at no cost. Besides, these sharing websites enable us to download anime at no charge. Watch the Best Anime Torrent Sites list here below:


Bakabt Best anime torrent sites
Bakabt Best anime torrent sites

BakaBT appears on every list of the torrenting Websites for anime. Registration gives you access to a library of shows and films, although you want to enroll before using it. You can locate subbed and dubbed versions for many series.

Users tend to enjoy the well-organized and port catalog of anime titles. There are series available, such as Naruto or One Punch, and hentai and shows.

BakaBT is now. It preserves over 15,000 active downloads.

With this tracker, that is private is higher than most sources. The site doesn’t accept public submissions. This decreases the possibility of downloading a virus.

Sometimes, although as with personal trackers, it is invite-only Registration periods open. Website to accept open programs, you’ll have to find someone that Includes a membership.

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Limetorrent is for downloading torrents, an anime download website. Getting user-friendly and generic is among the torrent sites, with a huge assortment of anime torrents and films, TV shows, games to select from the site has many users.

Limetorrent is a destination for fans; there’s any anime that this torrent website has not covered. Simply go to the search bar and try to locate your angle, it will display a listing.

On the front page, you can view a chart that displays or is currently downloading. Users can all view the health of the torrent, the title leech, seed.

It doesn’t possess an assortment of hentai, although this torrent website does help to download anime free.

Anime Torrents

animetorrents Best anime torrent sites
animetorrents Best anime torrent sites

With a gigantic gallery of torrents available, is the last destination for anime fans. The website possesses torrents, which means that you can download anime fast and uninterrupted.

Animetorrents have torrents for manga anime series as well as hentai in its collection. The site used and is recommended by many so that you can go and read the comment section to assess the torrents are. The website offers a preferable method to download torrents.

You get speeds as the website has plenty of seeders. You should view user comments to make sure that you’ve found the ideal file. is another option that needs registration. Typically, these trackers have the media that is best. Instead of users uploading content, quality standards are maintained by the website. There’s Loads of Blu-ray and DVD rips in HD.

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anirena - Best anime torrent sites
anirena – Best anime torrent sites

This torrent site includes a gallery of animes, mangas, hentai, TV displays, music, and other contents.

Anirena Torrent Tracker’s front page has a search option, so you don’t need to hunt anything. This torrent site has numerous video link and videos which you download or can access. Anime can be downloaded by you; it does not need payment or any signup.

It includes a search bar, genre menu, and a list with the most recent uploads. The listings include the standard layout, with a number, and the file name of leeches and seeds.

While the amount of consumers Grows, some torrents have. This is no problem with the files, but the most recent uploads and less popular anime titles may take longer to correct.

Besides the number of seeders Anirena, for some documents Remains useful for discovering MKV files. Subtitles can be added by uploaders. You also have the option to toggle Subtitle on/off while watching, instead of viewing with hard-coded subs.

Anime Tosho Best anime torrent sites Best anime torrent sites

Another anime torrent site that fulfills the demand of consumers but is not known by many is Animetosho. You can download anime of all sorts from here, at the quality. The only drawback of this site is it is still in its BETA version and needs to be upgraded. They have a user interface, which will tackle.

This anime torrents site comprises of a pathway where you can get your hands on both anime torrents, and episodes of anime (directly). The forum moderators and users upload anime torrents and episodes from time to time. Another reason to get this download site is that it is free from nuisances like spam and useless articles.

While the interface is not appealing, this torrenting page has a vast library. There is a search bar to look for names, but it doesn’t offer tags or category lists that will help you discover content.

Overall, this site’s main advantage is the variety of download options and files.

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Among the most renowned sites which are accessed by users to get their hands on various torrents is Thepiratebay. Following the shutdown of Kickass torrents, Pirate bay moved on to become one of the websites because of its collection of torrents. The site has torrents for everything from TV shows, films, and music.
For all of the animal fans out there, The Pirate Bay is one such torrent site that possesses almost all types of anime. All you’ve got to do is go to the search engine and type the title, and the website will subsequently display all torrents related to your search. Using this torrent site is in downloading torrents uninterrupted practical and fully functional, it has a lot of advertisements and pop-ups. But despite this 1 con, this download site completes its purpose of providing the best anime torrents.

Anime Ultime

anime-ultime - Best anime torrent sites
anime-ultime – Best anime torrent sites

Anime-Ultimate offers access to an extensive catalog of anime series and movies, but the interface is clunky. The homepage contains a list of recent uploads, and there’s a search bar on the side. But doesn’t have a class or genre list. You may also struggle to decode some of the articles, as the menus and tables. There’s always Google Translate.

Despite a few shortcomings, this torrent anime website offers Several benefits. Come across on torrent tracking pages. Anime-Ultimate has the option to stream anime.

Shana Project

Shana-Project Best anime torrent sites
Shana-Project Best anime torrent sites

If you do not want anyone or anything to limit your access to torrent downloading, then the Shana Project platform can be, undoubtedly, your best choice. There is a useful search bar, and the anime shows are listed and sorted by season and episodes. The main page provides links to the series and productions, and you can automate your torrent downloads.

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project-gxs Best anime torrent sites
project-gxs Best anime torrent sites

If you want the best quality, you should try Project-gxs if what you want is the best HD anime experience. This site can give you all, has a huge range of anime series.

All the sites we gathered to Download Anime Torrents

Anime Torrents

Website URL

The Pirate Bay
Shana Project
Project GXS
The Pirate Bay
Anime Layer
Anime Frenzy
Anime Freak
Soul Anime
Kiss Anime
Anime Lab
Anime Planet
Anime Streams (Hentai / Manga Fansub)
Anime Heroes


We hope you liked our selected anime torrent site list. If you try these websites, there will be movies, series, or other stuff to all anime lovers, starting from series and ening with wallpapers and ebooks. So if you have any more suggestions, please share your ideas in the comment box below.