There are tons of beautiful and scenic places in the world that lots of individuals go to take photos of. But most touristy places are generally pretty crowded and full of tourists, all of whom are attempting to take the identical photo. This usually causes a photo that’s less than perfect because of the sheer number of people in them that can distract from the photo. But lucky for You there is a new app on the App Store that uses AI to eliminate people from The program is priced only at $2.99 on The App Store. Doesn’t always work in accordance with your expectations but it is a neat idea. Let’s dive into see some more details about the new Bye Bye Camera program and What exactly does it have in store.

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According to Do Something Good’s Damjanski who spoke to Artnome, “The app takes out the vanity of any selfie and also the person. I consider Bye Bye Camera an app for the post-human era. It’s a gentle nod to a future where complex programs replace human labor and some would argue the human race. It’s interesting to ask what is a human from an Ai (yes, the small “i” is intended) perspective? In this case, a collection of pixels that identify a person based on previously labeled data. But who labels this data that defines a person immaterially? So many questions for such an innocent little camera app.”

For those who are interested, Bye Bye Camera is only available on iOS devices where it is priced at $3.