Years ago there were only some basic emoji with happy, sad faces. But today in modern smartphone world we have emojis for every single thing. Not just expressions, we have emojis for objects, food, sex and much more you could ever image.

Emojis are everywhere. It has become so popular that they are even making a movie on it. If you Android phone is not have all emoji you need you can download a lot of emoji apps from google Play store. So today we decided to select some best emoji app for Android devices.

There are many different emoji apps available for Android, and the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Some popular emoji apps for Android include:


Best Emoji App for Android


Facemoji is a keyboard app which provides you access to over 3,000 free emojis and emoticons. Like every other keyboard program, you will need to place Facemoji keyboard as default keyboard to use it.

You can select from four Emoji Style — EmojiOne, Twitter’s Twemoji, Emojis by Google and the default emojis on your apparatus.

Besides emojis, Facemoji has a lot to offer too. You can customize the keyboard by selecting from plenty of themes or by placing your image as background.

Facemoji also has a massive collection of Decals and GIFs. The program also lets you send Emojis combo — a combination of distinct emojis to convey a message.

Other characteristics of Facemoji Keyboard are gesture scanning, support for many different languages, auto-correction, and word suggestions.

Download Facemoji: Free

Gboard – the Google Keyword

Gboard is hands down the best keyboard app which you can download now. Google has done a remarkable job with its keyboard.

With an odd number of emojis, Google has also added an option to search emojis within the computer keyboard. Emoji predictions were also damn high. You can even draw an emoji, and it’ll predict the emoji based on your drawing.

Apart from emojis, Gboard also has GIFs and GIF search.

The keyboard has Google search inbuilt. You can Google search anything right from your console and share the results with friends and family.

It also supports Google translate. (Translate on the move!)

It supports over 120 languages and swipe-to-type (Glide typing).

If you’re a Google fan who’s looking for an excellent emoji keyboard, then go ahead and download Gboard for free.

If you are a Google fan who is looking for a great emoji keyboard then go ahead and download Gboard for free.


Bitmoji is somewhat different. Different in a significant way. This app allows you to create personalized emoji stickers featuring your own face and style.

The app lets you make your super personalized avatar and includes decals with that avatar. And the fun part is creating the avatar.

I was amazed by seeing just how many personalization options the app has to offer. From the shape of your head into the wrinkles around your eyes, from the headwear to entire outfit, you can create an avatar which appears exactly like you. And this is the best part of the app.

You can have your stickers shared on any stage. Bitmoji also integrates nicely with GBoard. You may get Bitmoji stickers directly from the GBoard Keyboard.

Utilizing Bitmoji on Snapchat unlocks a new feature called friendmoji through which you can get stickers with yours and your friends’ avatar. Interesting.

Incidentally, Bitmoji was an independent program but was later acquired by Snapchat.

Download Bitmoji for free.

Overall, there are many different emoji apps available for Android, and the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Which one is your best emoji app? You can name other not from the list in the comments section below. Please share your opinion.