Everyone wants attractive wallpapers and screensavers for their smartphones. That is why now I shared an remarkable application known as “Borderlight APK – Light Debug Apk” to your own Android devices. This gives you a lot of free screensavers and wallpapers. You can put them on your telephone and trust me, people will drive you mad.

Though some believe that trends in the smartphone community are negative, others view it as a means to showcase their abilities. The thin frames of OnePlus 6 were a wonderful canvas for dax105 to present its Borderlight live wallpaper program and had an interesting appearance as a result of the shape of the notch on the phone. Even though the application was made specifically for OnePlus 6, a user of our original cover had a user (RobboW) who claimed to have installed it on Axon 7.

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Light Debug Apk Feature:

  • Background image support
  • Show only the locked/unlocked border
  • Darken / Desaturate / Hide background image when locked / unlocked.
  • Darkening cropped parts of the screen – the background is now beautiful on the screenshots
  • Shorter, less awkward preset codes (with support for precedents)
  • Correct rendering in landscape mode
  • A wider range of edge rays – now supports Pixel 3 XL.

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How to Install the Debug Light / BorderLight Apk Application:


Step One: The first step, make sure you download this site, via the download button that we have included above.

Second Step: Do not install it first. Previously, we had to enable the application install feature from unknown sources.

Third Step: The thing, go to the menu Settings> Security> Installation of unknown origin.

Fourth step: Every Android phone is different from the menu name, but the essence is the same. It’s a skin suit in every type of cell phone.

Final Step: Then you can install the APK and run the border light app. Congratulations.

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Currently, live wallpaper is on the rise. In my opinion, this is due to the fact that Android specifications are becoming more and more here.

So, what is the connection? So when we use the animated background, we will consume our RAM and CPU resources. This way, if our cell specifications are responsible, it will slightly affect performance.

So when the specifications of our mobile are high enough, it does not matter.

It takes more power to move our background image. Rather than normal photos. Of course, it’s more interesting that it does not move.

Border Light is one of the animated wallpapers. There are still many other choices. From cartoon characters, natural scenarios, abstract effects and more.