If you never want to be more than a quick tap away from some thrilling casino action, you need to check out the exciting world of mobile casino games. With the explosion of smartphones in the past for years, game developers have been quick to keep up to entertain players on the go.

Most new slot games around today are built with the mobile casino player very much in mind. Constructed from the ground up, game studios know that players expect their favorite video slots to work the same on a mobile device as they would on a desktop computer.

What is a Mobile Casino Anyway?

Firstly, let’s be clear on what a ‘mobile casino’ is exactly. In theory, there’s no difference between an online casino that you can load up on a desktop and one which works on a mobile device.

The best online casinos around right now will be fully mobile responsive which means that the interface can adapt to whatever screen size you are using, mobile or not. A good example of this would be NetEnt mobile casinos which give you the full range of amazing NetEnt games in your pocket!

Do I Need to Download a Casino App?

Some casinos have opted to take the smartphone app route and will usually have one that you can download for both Android or iOS. They should have links to the app store downloads from their main site or you can just search to locate them.

As the use of HTML5 is now much more common, the need for casinos to produce a standalone app has diminished. Also, mobile apps can be a hassle to maintain and it’s easier for casinos to pour their efforts into a solid responsive designed site.

What Mobile Device Can I Use?

The great news is that you don’t need the latest €2,000 bells and whistles device to enjoy a spot of mobile casino gaming. Tablets and smartphones dating back a few years should have more than enough about them to handle most mobile casino gaming needs.

The only issue you might hit with casino apps. Some can require a recent version of the Android software or iOS to be installed and that might not be possible for the older devices out there.