There are countless ways to generate revenue online, and one of those ways is by creating a successful blog. In recent years, blogging has become a popular way for freelance writers and solo entrepreneurs to make money online.

While it has become popular, many blogs have died out or ultimately failed because the people who create them don’t understand the fundamentals of how bloggers want to find and retain an audience while also earning money.

When starting a blog, you should consider the following things to create and generate revenue from your blog.

Use tools to help your blogging business

Regardless of your position in business, there is never a shortage of tools for solopreneurs, both virtually and physically.

Through third-party tools such as grammar checkers, time-tracking apps, external drives, and analytic tools, you’ll be in a favorable position to optimize your content and manage yourself and your blog correctly.

Find your niche

People who want to become bloggers don’t take the time to understand their target audience or search for their niche. Like businesses, finding a niche audience is the first step in cultivating a community interested in reading your writing.


To find a niche, you should consider topics that aren’t as heavily discussed but have a solid and passionate following. Even if the desired subject is widespread online, you can find sub-sectors of that particular topic that may have your target audience.


For example, not everyone in the world is interested in herbal remedies, but those who are will often look for updates on new herbal remedies they can use at home and keep up with new research and discussions.

Become an affiliate

Becoming an affiliate by promoting products to your audience is a great way to earn extra money as a blogger. When someone becomes an affiliate, they act as a seller for another company.


Through your blog, you will provide a link to a product or service for your audience, who will hopefully be interested in clicking and buying. Affiliates receive a commission fee for each person who purchases something via the link.

Sell ad space

For many, the primary way they’ll make money through their blog is by selling ad space. Providing exclusive ad space to businesses will give you extra money and provide a service to your readers and business partners.

Offer consulting services

Depending on your blog, it may benefit you to offer your expertise to your readers through consultations. Blogs can pique readers’ curiosity and push them to learn more about the subject discussed within the blog posts.


Being an expert in what you’re discussing allows you an avenue to generate money by offering consulting services to individuals that are interested in learning more from you specifically.

Before you go

Remember that it’s rare to gain success from blogging overnight, but the viability of blogging is there. Find your niche, use your tools, and explore opportunities to provide services to your community and other businesses.

With hard work and time, you’ll be able to build a successful blog and earn a nice profit from it.