Regular users of iPhone will think about how to be smart and convenient in their way to clean the charging port.  This is because a load of candy fragments, lint, dust, and things sitting in the pocket or purse of users of the iPhone gathered in the charging port. Anyone with a problem of charging their iPhone because dirt, gunk, fragments of plastic and metal, or any other thing accumulated in the charging port can focus on how to clean it.

There are so many methods to keep the charging port of the iPhone clean. You can focus on the following details explaining some of these methods. You will make a well-informed decision and clean the charging port of your iPhone as expected.

Q-tip method or cotton/paper product method

The charging port of the iPhone becomes dirty over time. Periodic cleaning is a good option to decrease the possibilities of dirt build-ups. You can use the paper towel and rolling the corner to remove the dirt from the charging port.

The first step in this process is to locate the cotton or paper product which can be rolled or small enough to enter the iPhone charging port.  The next step is to insert the tip into the charging port and ensure to get the overall edges move it around the charging port in the careful way. Now, you have to reinsert the charging cable into the charging port.

Manual asserts jiggling the paper around let dust and debris to fall out of the charging port or cling to the material and free up the small connection pieces. This is advisable not to use any chemical based cleaning supplies onto the material or into the charging port because such action damages the phone.

Paper clip method

If you find dirt built up in the charging port of your iPhone, then you must know and make certain how to remove it. You can prefer and use the paper clip method. In this method, you have to locate a small needle, paperclip, or pin at first. The next step is to carefully insert the thin metal into your charging port. Now, jiggle the point inside the charging port with extreme care for loosening the dirt and debris. The last step is to reinsert the charger cable into the charging port.

Compressed air method

Compressed air method is not recommended mostly by experts in the iPhone as it damages internal parts. You must keep in mind that charging port of the iPhone includes fragile touch points as well as tiny metal lines in which the charging cable attaches.

The mobile charger would not work when the contact points are damaged. You can locate a can of compressed air, hold the can upright, and press down on the nozzle and spray the air in the light and brief bursts. The next step is to wait a few seconds subsequent to the last burst and reinsert the charger cable into the port.

Things required for cleaning out the charging port

As a user of the iPhone, you may have understood the significance of properly maintain your mobile. You can explore things needed for cleaning out the charging port of your favourite mobile. You require a flashlight as good lighting lets you to see whether you have successfully cleaned out the charging port. This is worthwhile to use the bright flashlight feature of another iPhone and get the desired benefits from this narrowly focused light.

A couple of toothpicks are suggested for easily cleaning the charging port of the iPhone. As compared to using any electronic pin or metal based tiny object for damaging the internal parts of the charging port while cleaning, you can choose and use the toothpicks in particular flat toothpicks with rounded tips and zero sharpness.

You can use the tiny bit of cotton on your toothpick’s tip and cushion the overall cleaning process. You have to remember that too much cotton is unhelpful for cleaning the charging port. Patience is very important as long as you engage in the process of cleaning the iPhone charging port. You can seek advice from specialists in the iPhone charging port cleaning methods and enhance your method to keep the charging port of your phone clean on a regular basis.