The performance of any device naturally starts to diminish after long use, or misuse of the same over a given period of time. While we would like to get the most out of our beloved mobile phones, sometimes things we do without knowing lead to slow performances, and eventually total breakdown. Smartphones are designed to give us the best digital experience, whether we use them for playing games, accessing the internet, transacting, or communication. But what are the practices that could help speed up the performance of these gadgets?

#1. Understand your Smartphone

Not all devices categorized as smart are that smart, but it is important that you understand what you have before overburdening it with heavy software. If you use your Smartphone for casino games, ensure that you download apps that are compatible, and able to run freely with the type of device you have.

#2. Update your OS

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, ensure that you keep it always updated to the latest version. Having the latest firmware ensures that your device is stable, fast, and fully compatible with updated features from new technologies.

#3. Get rid of unwanted apps

All apps installed in a Smartphone consume some space and possibly run in the background. The more storage space these apps use, the more they run in the background, hence slowing down your device. Install apps that you need to use, and disable factory apps that you do not need.

#4. Update apps

Developers of different apps are constantly updating apps to fix bugs as well as add essential features. Using these updated apps ensures that your phone is faster and less likely to crash.

#5. Boost storage space with a high-speed memory card

If your phone has a low internal memory space, you can boost it by inserting a high-speed memory card. Adding a card not only adds the phone capacity, but it also supports read/write operations within the device.

#6. Maintain fewer widgets

Widgets, unlike apps, are always running in the background and they are always active, provide a phone is powered. Most people using Smartphones keep these widgets to keep track of important dates and weather, while others apply extended widgets for quick access to GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Having too many widgets running slows down the smooth running of your device.

#7. Avoid using live wallpapers

Live wallpapers are probably one of the most amazing features in a Smartphone. They make your phone beautiful, but you have no idea how much power they consume in the background. Constantly subjecting your battery to high-usage drains it and eventually lowers its life.

#8. Install verified apps only

In a tech world full of amazing innovations, you’re likely to come across some cool apps that you would like to use in your phone. However, unless these apps are verified by Google or are passed safe for installation in the iPhone store, avoid them at all costs. Some of them are malicious and might bring unwanted malware that causes your gadget to slow down or crash.