Getting to know something about someone has become a piece of cake if You get access to their phones. Using Android spy apps it has become a fad nowadays with parents installing these programs on their children phones, and spouses using them to keep an eye on their partner.

If You have similar needs, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to inform you about an Android spy program that allows you access a phone’s data, remotely. The app that we’ve picked is Xnspy. Why? Because Xnspy ranks among the best spy programs for Android from the U.S.

Here’s how we found the program after trying it out:

About the Program — Xnspy:
Also compatible with iOS apparatus, Xnspy Is a simple Android spy program. It’s an effective solution to quench your thirst for spying and attracts everything from the tracked device in the palm of your hand — literally. It’s equipped with a whole lot of basic and advanced monitoring features at an affordable price that makes this app a favorite choice for people that wish to sneak into someone’s phone.

Setup and Working of the program:
Xnspy You won’t find the app on the Google Play Store; therefore, you need to subscribe to it from their official site “”. If there’s something that’s not passing your mind correctly, you can get help from Xnspy support team that’s usually available around the clock.

Whenever the app Is done installing, it will begin working and brings the tracked phone’s information to your web account. In addition, to get to understand how the app works, the site has a live demo version as well.

After subscribing To the app, you will receive an email which includes a download link, an activation code, and instructions concerning the installation process. It’s a quick procedure and would barely take 5 minutes. You will also receive the login details to your Xnspy account. The web account is from where you can access the online dashboard of the program. The dashboard allows you to see all of the activities happening on the phone.


Here are a few features of Xnspy at a glance:

Text messages tracking
Call logs accessibility, call recording, top 5 callers and top 5 phone durations
Ambient recording–you can switch on the microphone of the monitored phone remotely
accessibility to emails, web browsing history and top 10 websites
GPS location tracking of the monitored device
The geo-fencing feature lets you know if the user exits or enters a watchlisted area. You have to add locations in the Watchlist to get alerts.
Access to view messages and multimedia of instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, Instagram, and Tinder.
Live screenshots
Option to view installed apps and block them
Remote control of the tracked device. You can lock the device, shut it down or wipe off all data from it.
The app tells you if a pre-added contact or word in the Watchlist appears from the text messages or chat conversation.
The User-friendly and simple layout of Xnspy user dashboard is just another reason why the app quickly became one of the top spy apps for Android in this brief time. Not every app provides such ease of use. Most programs are technical and complicated to use which affects the user experience.

Xnspy Android spy program’s dashboard features a number of sections such as text messages, calls, locations, emails, multimedia, and far more. The app has a simple design letting users browse easily through the program. You can view everything from messages and emails to calls, web browsing history and the activities of the programs installed on the monitored phone. Xnspy Android spy app supports keylogger attribute for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype and the Wi-Fi connections the phone connected to recently.

Customers And users of the app show that not only does this app function, but is compatible with all the versions it asserts. It works smoothly on the supported devices and functions undetectably in the background. Xnspy works hidden and stays hidden making it an invisible Android spy program. It doesn’t even appear in the installed apps.

Another great feature Of this Android spy program is that even while it runs in the background, it does not interfere or hinder the operation or functions of the monitored device.


There are two Versions of the app you can choose from depending on your monitoring needs. Basic and Premium. The performance of the features varies between the two. The simple package covers your basic tracking needs.

Now, Comes the question of its price. Is it worth the purchase price? Xnspy is a program you wouldn’t regret buying. The variety of features this program supplies definitely makes it a good value for money. It would more than meet any person who’s contemplating the notion of growing one of the greatest spy apps for Android.

Xnspy’s Affordability is another reason for its popularity. The users can select from monthly, quarterly and annual payment options. Here’s a breakdown of the cost for you:

Monthly Quarterly Annual
$49.99 / month $23.33 / month $8.33 / month
Monthly Quarterly Annual
$59.99 / month $33.33 / month $12.49 / month

Customer Support

Should The users find themselves in any problem regarding installation or using the app, there is a 24/7 customer service in the kind of live chat. The users will need to submit a ticket a get into contact with the customer services section. The response time is less as the team gets in touch with you and reacts to your complaint/query within the exact same day of the customer’s submission of the ticket.

Compared to other Android spy programs , Xnspy’s cons are almost nonexistent.

Xnspy does not support remote camera feature.
It does not have a desktop version yet.
Xnspy is not available for Blackberry and Nokia devices.
The customer care option does not have a call option.


If You compare the compatibility, features, cost, and performance of Xnspy with other Android spy programs on the market, you will realize that this program has a lot to offer and that, too, in an affordable package. Xnspy offers the exact same basic features as other top spy apps for Android, but it provides you value for your money. The features work exactly in the same fashion as shown in the demo version of the app. It is an app you can trust.

All in all, the app is worth the cost as if offers an Extensive variety of basic and advanced monitoring features with great Functionality that’s more than enough to suit anyone’s spying needs.