So if you’ve been on YouTube long time you have probably heard of YouTube red APK but there is a kind of plenty of confusion out there about what it really is and people wonder it’s. We’re adding here YouTube MOD APK that will provide few and most used features for free so that you may use them lifetime at no cost. YouTube APK MOD Red Characteristics like No YouTube Ads APK,YouTube Wallpaper Play APK and a Lot More Features listed in What Is In

So YouTube Red APK is your paid subscription service which youtube Offers that includes a great deal of features. Those attributes are like No Marketing or Video Ads whatever. A good deal of people do not know what YouTube Red APK is.

  • YouTube Ad-Blocker (Block all ads)
  • PiP – Picture in Picture mode
  • Dark Mode
  • Add multiple Google Accounts
  • Background Playback
  • Force VP9 (or HDR)
  • Preferred Speed and Toggle Maximum Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
  • Cast to various devices
  • Themes like Black, Dark, White
  • Added Auto Repeat

Who developed youtube red APK MOD?

The team, developed this apk vanced, great shout out for team vanced for modding youtube red.  🙂

The youtube red apk it self is now more powerful than regular youtube app. Because it’s moded and you have access to all youtube red features. Which I think is great.

Do I need root to install Youtube red APK?

No, you don’t need to have a rooted device to use youtube red apk. Yes, there was once a required root version youtube called OGyoutube.

So this modded AP doesn’t require any root access and which I think is the lifesaver of your android. As we all know the root, your devices are severe killing or suicide.But if you have root access don’t worry you can still run youtube red free .

Therefore, it doesn’t matter at all now whether you have rooted device or non-root. It will work flawlessly on both versions. The youtube red apk is designed to make run on all android devices as well.!

Download youtube red mod.

How to install youtube red Apk?

All you guys need to do is download the both microG & youtube red apk from above.

Then you also need to check the unknown sources on your android devices to install this apk file. Because this app is third party and modded.

You can go to setting and find the security and then you will find the unknown sources tab just check it.

Once you have done that you need to go to the download folder and then install the youtube red apk. Tap on next continuously, and it should get installed.

Now you have all features of youtube red, which i think is badass.

What are the youtube red APK features?

  • You can play all videos on a background(Great for music and podcast lover ).
  • No root required.
  • You can keep both Youtube official and modded(Good for your data).
  • Killing all ads and making ads free.
  • You can enable or disable background play through settings.
  • Special video Codec (Vp9) For to make video quality more better and play video over low data/bandwidth usage.(Good for the poor network)
  • You can pinch to zoom using modded MicroG (Not guaranteed)
  • Remove Branding watermark!
  • You can also disabled/enabled user pop cards info on video playback
  • Choose default video quality to be played!
  • … More on

How to login in youtube red APK ?

Now to log in to your youtube red APK, you need to have microg. It is the plugin that required to log in your youtube account.

For rooted Android devices:

Simply uninstall any older YouTube apps and updates from your phone. Download the YTV installer and flash via TWRP recovery.

Install MicroG For youtube red APK login

Just tap on install, and you’re done, and now you can be logged in to your youtube account for to get great features!