Yahoo Mail – Free Email App for Android by Yahoo Inc. Get the latest version APK file of Yahoo Mail on your Android device. Latest version of the app is v4.9.2. Download .apk file of this version below. The download link and APK file of Yahoo Mail is updated whenever developers of the app release any updates on Google Play. So it means that you are going to always find the latest APK file of your favorite emailing app on this page.


Yahoo Mail sits among the largest email service providers of the world like Gmail and Hotmail. Stats show that Yahoo Mail is the third largest free email service provider on the Internet after Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Hotmail. The service was launched in 1997 and it is still holding a big number of Internet users who use the service for sending and receiving emails across the globe.

Also Yahoo jumped into the email industry in 1997 but its Android app appeared for the first time in July 2010 (Source: Mashable). Since then, Yahoo has put a lot of features into its Android app and now users can find several astonishing features in Yahoo Mail – Free Email App. Users of Yahoo Mail for Android can write new emails on the go as well as can read emails anytime anywhere.

Although Google Inc.’s Gmail is the leading email service provider on the Internet but Yahoo Mail beats Gmail when it comes to provide storage space. With Gmail, you get 15GB free cloud storage, but Yahoo Mail provides you up to 1000GB storage! It means that you will never run out of storage space quickly even if you use Yahoo Mail to send high definition photos in bulk to your friends and family members on regular basis.

A very short list of Yahoo Mail’s features is given below.


  • Yahoo Mail! is free
  • Allows you to use multiple Yahoo Mail accounts on a single device
  • Easy searching options for emails and attachments
  • Customized alerts lets you know whenever you receive an email
  • Supports all kinds of files as attachments
  • A whopping free storage space of up to 1000GB!
  • A dedicated news section to keep you updated about news
  • Real-time updates on flights, events and more
  • Provides latest information on weather, sports and more
  • Easy to use
  • Cool, clean user interface

Latest Version:

Yahoo Mail – Free Email App for Android’s latest version is v4.9.2 and the app was updated for the last time on June 17, 2015. You can download latest version APK file of the app below or browse for older versions in “Version History” section below.

Download Links:

v4.9.2 – Last Updated June 17, 2015

Install from Google Play – Visit Official Website of Yahoo Inc.


Major Permissions:

  • Yahoo Mail reads phone status and identity
  • Receives text messages
  • Sends text messages
  • Records audio
  • Gets your approximate location based on network
  • Gets your precise location by GPS
  • Reads as well as modifies your contacts
  • Reads content on SD card
  • Removes and modifies content on your SD card
  • Finds, manages and uses accounts on your device
  • Reads Google service settings
  • Finds network connections and fully utilizes them
  • Views Wi-Fi connections
  • Retrieves information about running apps
  • Yahoo Mail is launched when your device starts
  • Changes vibration settings
  • Reads sync settings and statistics