The mobile phone technology is advancing with such a great pace that it sometimes becomes very hard to keep up with it. However, it is also important to know about the latest mobile features and make use of them for utmost convenience. But that doesn’t mean you should spend a high proportion of your income on a new smartphone. Indeed, you can go for a used one and make a cheap deal. Here are some reasons that induced me to buy a used cellphone.

Used Phones are Affordable and Cost Saving

The first and the foremost reason of buying a used phone is definitely its low cost. There is always a significant difference of prices between a new and a used smartphone, even if both are identical. This price difference matters a lot for many smartphone buyers, including me. There are many online portals, where you can find and buy a used smartphone directly from its user. I also prefer to sell my phone online to get handsome money, which otherwise is not possible if we sell it in the local market.

Keep Upgrading your Device

As said earlier, one of the basic reasons to buy a new phone is rapidly advancing technology. When we use an old smartphone, we usually hear about the new functions and features that our phone is not equipped with. That is the time when most of us make our mind to change the phone. Even if you cannot afford to own an up-to-date mobile, a relatively old version with similar features can do the job. Moreover, you should try switching between different smartphone operating systems, whether from iOS to Android or Android to iOS. This is a nice practice for learning different stuff using different operating systems.

Take Care of your Style Statement

Another reason why you should buy a used smartphone is to take care of your style statement. At times, it can be embarrassing to take out your old phone in front of your friends. Your phone really affects your overall personality apart from dressing nice and smelling good. However, if this is the reason you want to buy a used cell phone, make sure the phone you have chosen is in the best possible condition. Rough edges and scratched body will do no good to your fashion statement, even if you have an up-to-date smartphone.

Make it a Livable World

The biggest reason I am concerned about is the safety of our surrounding environment. Production of new cellphones takes up many resources and puts out industrial waste, damaging the atmosphere. Modern smartphones have some hazardous substances like Mercury, Lead, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium, Diphneyl and Biphenyl. When phones with such elements are dumped into landfills, these materials can contaminate your air and water supply, leading to many health issues. Vowing to buy used phones, therefore, can be a good initiative towards the perseverance of our eco-system.

These reasons are quite enough to understand the overall purpose of buying a used, recycled or refurbished phone.