Most software usually needs to be bought and installed in a device to be used. This can sometimes cost a lot of money and space as well. The software usually tends to take up a considerable amount of space in your device and creates a load on it. But, with SaaS, all of that mess is done away with, and accessing software is made more accessible than ever.

What is SaaS?

Known as Software as a Service, SaaS is a method of online software delivery.

A cloud-based software solution, they can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, if they have a stable internet connection. These are also known as web-based applications or on-demand or hosted software. These applications run on the server of the provider. The providers control the access, security and performance of the application.

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What is a SaaS Product?

It is that software or application that is made available on the Internet. Many of the most well-known, widely used platforms on the Internet are such applications, like—Google Apps, Canva, DropBox, and many more.

These products are most easy to use. Unlike the installed applications or software, you don’t need to learn how to handle and manage these. They are easy to understand, operate and even, interactive and fun.

These products are also preferable over installed programs because of their low maintenance. In fact they require no maintenance at all, so you do not need to involve an IT specialist time and again. These are non-messy in every aspect.

The idea had started to gain momentum in the 1990s. The Salesforce company in the year 1999 introduced their CRM or Customer Relationship Management Platform. It was the first SaaS software made from scratch. It achieved tremendous growth and proved to be a successful model. From that time onwards, more such platforms followed.

Building SaaS Applications

In order to build such an application, you need to have relevant skills in the field of coding, programming, and software development. But, the building of these applications varies from the process of building standard applications. You need to select a cloud service provided through which the application will be hosted. The optimal technologies need to be chosen.

Most of these products are manufactured using HTML, JavaScript, Python, or PHP. You also need to build an MVP, chalk out the monetization method of the application, which is primarily subscription-based in the case of SaaS apps, and you’re ready to start the development procedure.

It requires a team of experts, consisting of software engineers and developers, to create these products efficiently. These are reliable, cost-effective, and non-hazardous, easily accessible products that have become absolutely essential for today’s world.

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SaaS Architecture

This architecture model is a single-instance, multi-tenant one. With the help of it, a single application is made available to millions through a web browser.

SaaS Architecture Best Practices

Following are some of the best practices that can be observed in Software as a Service architecture:

  1. It should be flexible. Flexibility is anyway the essential feature of these apps. The multi-tenant architecture should be able to serve thousands at once anytime, anywhere.
  2. The application should be eligible for self-service. The user should be able to access, use and understand it without the help of any IT expert.
  3. Users should be able to personalize the app. The user experience should cater to the specific needs of every user. They should be able to modify it to suit them the best.
  4. It should be safe and secured. Ensuring the safety and theft-proof, leak-proof information quality of the product is very important for it to be reliable to users.
  5. Application and database scalability should be achieved.

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How to Build a SaaS Business

The first step towards building a business is acquiring enough knowledge about the field you will explore. Now that you’ve got a short introduction to SaaS, you are ready to dive deeper into it and gather detailed technological insights. If you are not from the field of technology yourself, you need not worry. You can recruit a team of professionals to start working with.

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In the beginning, you need to have an idea about the kind of applications you are planning to launch. This will help you understand your target consumers, and with that, you will be able to chalk out who your competitors are. An estimate of the market might be beneficial. If you know how much you can expect to earn from it, you will be able to set your budget based on that knowledge.

Conducting surveys can help you set up subscription fees at an affordable price, making your application more widely used.

Pre-advertising your start-up and products can help you flourish quickly. It will also make attracting sponsors easy for the process of financing and funding your business.

Finally, you need to establish your brand, make it legal, and you’re all set to start manufacturing SaaS products and distributing them online.