A digital asset is an aspect of technology that you feel brings value to your business – whether that means driving sales, embedded hardware development providing a better customer experience, or simply adding to your portfolio of assets in a positive way.  Some assets are essential – like a website or an app – while others are useful, but not necessarily required. In this piece, we’ll take a look at four of the digital assets that businesses need to succeed in 2020, running through the technology you should engage with at the start of this new decade.


We’ll start with the most obvious asset – the one that drives the most revenue for your business. This tip isn’t simply to ensure you have a website; it’s to emphasize just how important it is to have a well-run, professional, and impressive website to show to your customers. The better-looking your website, the more you’ll dazzle and impress consumers heading onto your website. If you need help improving your home on the web, look to skills from an expert website designer Birmingham to help you develop your site in line with your new objectives.

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AI Bots

On your website – but also over the phone – you can now make use of AI bots, which can conduct customer service without you having to pay staff to sit on the phones or on the end of instant messenger systems. These smart chatbots can help you to service the needs of your consumers in extra-quick time: like conversational FAQ robots, they’ll help you to reduce the friction your customer experiences in trying to find an answer to their question. The cash you’ll save on customer service professionals will be huge when accrued over the long-term.


This one is vague because software comes in all shapes and sizes. Of course, most businesses will use Microsoft’s software to help them to process words, numbers, and information internally. But, once you begin to search the market for other software packages, you’ll see just how important the world of business software is for your company. With promises of automation and extreme savings, you’ll be foolish not to invest in advanced technology that fits with your business. Whether that automates some of your marketing output, sorts your payroll, or analyzes your customer data from your website.

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Social Media

It’s still incredibly important that your business possesses and maintains its social media following. If you can engage with customers on social media, you’ll be regarded as an active and friendly service in which consumers are likely to turn to time and again. Social media is about trust, personality, and conversation. Consumers on social media want to talk to you, to offer feedback, and to ask you questions. To facilitate this, and to ensure all of your customers are happy on social media, you should hire a special social media manager to help you to get the right message across to your key demographics each month.

These digital assets should be seen as pivotal for all businesses to work on and possess in the coming months.