Every day a wide variety of games appear on Google Play and the App Store. Nowadays, it is difficult to find people who buy board games and gather with friends in the evening to have a good time. All this is due to the fact that all popular board games and dominoes games are already available on smartphones and tablets and people want to use the capabilities of their devices to the maximum.

The review below is dedicated to board games that you may have already played. If not, you should take a couple of hours to get acquainted with each of the games.

Elder Sign: Omens

This game was based on very dark works by Howard Lovecraft. The plot of the game tells us that we have to get to the second half of the 20s and become the main character, who will confront the dark forces that have returned to our world and are trying to capture and destroy it.

The game allows you to fight several different characters at once, which differ from each other by a set of unique features. The main task of such characters will be to stop and destroy the army of darkness, as well as to prevent the demon to appear in our world. Also, we will fight a variety of obstacles that arise in our path and perform a variety of tasks.


  • excellent graphics;
  • a lot of unpredictable moments;
  • ability to play multiple users at once;
  • characters with unique features.


  • game mechanics have to be dealt with.


Monopoly is one of the most popular economic Board games. Since the game is known all over the world, it has a lot of fans. Besides, this is one of the few board games in which competitions are held, and the winner receives an impressive amount.

As for the mobile version of this wonderful game, the most popular and best option is the game from the ELECTRONIC ARTS developers. In the app, we are waiting for high-quality three-dimensional graphics, classic rules (which even a beginner can understand), several levels of difficulty, and a pleasant musical accompaniment.


  • one of the best board games;
  • beautiful three-dimensional graphics;
  • several levels of complexity to choose from;
  • excellent musical accompaniment.


  • bad implementation of the dice roll mechanism;


Carcassonne is another board game that is known to all fans of this genre. At its core, the game is an economic strategy with puzzle elements. In this game, we have to build the game world using dozens of small blocks.

Parts of roads, rivers, or possible structures are drawn on each of these blocks. We also need to arrange these blocks so that roads, rivers, buildings, and other elements coincide with each other.

But still, the main task in the game is to capture valuable artifacts, as well as cities.


  • bright graphics;
  • interesting gameplay;
  • multiplayer mode (up to 6 players simultaneously);
  • complex opponents (Artificial Intelligence) and much more.


  • not detected.


Uno is a fairly popular card game in which the main goal is to quickly get rid of cards. The rules are very simple and they are mastered within a few minutes.

The game got quite a good design, interesting gameplay, simple rules, and excellent implementation. If you get tired of playing against artificial intelligence, you can easily fight with real opponents in multiplayer mode over the Internet or using Bluetooth.


  • a classic version of the popular game;
  • convenient operation;
  • the multiplayer mode of the game;
  • ability to take part in one of the tournaments and much more.


  • no visible minuses have been noticed.

Neuroshima Hex

Neuroshima Hex is a board game that appeared a long time ago. By the time the mobile version was released, the game already had its fans, who were even happier to learn that their game was ported to mobile devices.

According to the story of the game, all actions will take place in a world where the Apocalypse occurred. And now humanity does not live but tries to survive. And those who survived have to fight not only with robots, but also with gangsters who want to take everything from you.

In this game, the battles will take place in the classic mode. The playing field will be divided into small sections, where the player must place his base, and then the units available to him. Our base can be located absolutely anywhere on the playing field, and its safety margin is always the same, so the winner is the one who quickly destroys the opponent’s base.

The game Neuroshima Hex does not have a network mode, but if you want, you can play with friends on the same device, preferably a tablet (up to 4 players at the same time).


  • the original gameplay on the board game;
  • three levels of difficulty;
  • four types of the army with its special


  • no multiplayer mode;

In conclusion

All the games presented in this review are unique in their way and represent their gameplay. In each game, we must not just think, but do it in a non-standard way and then you can reach unprecedented heights. All games are worthy of your attention.