Cross referencing is a known best practice when evaluating suppliers for your electronic components sourcing process. Conducting procurement without having this information available is prone to supply chain issues and increasing risk in turbulent times like that.

Passive components are the area where everybody relies on commodity parts so that they can be replaced according to availability and pricing changes. So how do you conduct resistors cross referencing, you have to take into account the type of resistors needed, which are completely different type of parts so choosing between Metal Film, Thick Film, Thin Film, and Wirewound. But also special- and niche resistors types are covered like MELF, Current Sense, or RF. A broad range of applications is covered by Consumer, Industrial, Automotive, and Military.

Managing risk through a score based solution that analyses the entire market for you.

You are then required to take parameters that have to match 100%, like Termination style, Case Code, or Technology. Other technical specifications must work within a given range like +/-10% or similar, Tolerance Percent, Resistance, or Temperature. As well as power Rating. Having a good or exact 2nd or even 3rd source, makes BOM handling more flexible. Also reducing cost, reducing component risk, and enabling optimizations on size and performance.

SourcingBot has this process fully automated enabling this results set immediately produced by a unique model calculating all your risks. Furthermore, you can achieve different results based on your application needs, like exact footprint match, tighter tolerances, smaller footprint, or even Automotive requirements.

Sourcingbot scans existing up to date market offering that answers your technical requirements at hand. At the moment this service is provided with low costs at a trial version. Go to sourcing Bot xref tool and upload a BOM. to retrieve results. This is a careful market analysis that can save significant headaches when certain parts become obsolete or are hard to find.