Anyone new to computer gaming would be surprised that the standard computer usually don’t have the capacity required for playing games. If you’re serious about gaming and is ready to invest in buying the essentials (and some pretty cool accessories), check out these must-haves for your gaming setup:

The Essentials

    • High-resolution Monitor – Your goal is to find a high-resolution monitor that would give you the crispiest images and the least amount of lag. You won’t run out of options when choosing between gaming monitors, which is a win-win especially if you’re on a budget.
    • Advanced computer rig – If money is no object, you can just ask any computer store to set you up with the best possible gaming rig. But if you’ve only got a budget, look out for an Intel i5 CPU, about 4GB or 8GB DDR4 system memory, graphics card, and CPU cooler.
    • Mouse, keyboard, ergonomic mat – Gaming keyboards and gaming mice are designed specifically to help gamers access keys and move more quickly throughout the game. They are also ergonomic, so your wrists and fingers won’t be stressed out especially during intense moments. The ergonomic mat helps keep your arm comfortable as well – buy the biggest mat you can find so it can seat both the keyboard and mouse in one mat.
    • Headset, speakers, microphone – This boils down to personal preference: are you a headset person or a speakers+microphone person? Or both? Gaming headsets come with microphones built-in so you just talk while playing with your friends online. Some like to setup their gaming computers with a speaker and mic combo. Doesn’t matter what audio+voice setup you want, as long as you have at least one of them installed on your gaming computer, you wouldn’t miss out.
    • 4k webcam – If you plan to stream your games or show yourself to your opponents or friends you play with, you’d need a webcam. Most webcams these days are high-quality enough that your expressions can be clearly seen even if you’re away from the monitor. You don’t really need professional-level webcam when you’re just starting out. Some people even just plug their digital cameras to their computers.
    • Game capture device – Devices like Elgato’s HD60 S+ is a plug-and-play device that allows you to stream games online by getting footage from your console and bringing it into platforms like Twitch.
    • Gaming chair – No gamer enjoys playing games if spending time in front of the computer causes them back pains. In most cases, the solution for this is to invest in a better gaming chair (and sit with proper posture of course). Some of these gaming chairs can be pricey, but they’re definitely worth the investment.
  • Game controller – Sometimes, the keyboard and mouse isn’t enough to really feel the movement of your character. Some games are just designed to be played with a game controller, so you should have a pair ready for such game titles.

Must-have Accessories

Technically, you can play computer games with just the essentials above, but if you really want to maximize your gaming experience, invest in the following accessories as well:

  • Racing wheel – For fans of racing games, a racing wheel accessory will definitely push your gaming experience to the next level.
  • Flight control system – Similar to the racing wheel, except this device is made specifically for “flying” planes, helicopters, etc. within games.
  • Second monitor – You can already play computer games with just one monitor, but if you want to multi-task or immerse yourself to the game, a second monitor can help with that.
  • Mechanical gaming keypad – This looks complicated to newbie gamers, but once you’ve explored all the game titles you’re interested in, you know that accessories like this keypad can be a valuable piece of your “gaming arsenal.”
  • Headphone stand – If you invested in a high-quality headset, make sure you display it high and proud with its own stand. This isn’t just for appearance – this also extends the life of your headphone since the tendency of making the device fall is far less with a stand.
  • Comfort foot rest – If you feel tired after an afternoon of computer gaming, there’s a good chance your posture isn’t right while playing. Buy yourself a comfort foot rest with a back rest to reduce aches and pains that happen from extended seating.
  • Monitor lighting – Backlighting isn’t just to make your setup look super-fancy (but it does, too!). When you add lights to the side or back of your monitor, it reduces eyestrain and gives a pretty cool and calming vibe to your game room as well.

The cool thing about the market today is that you can find almost any gaming accessory you can think of. Plus, all the products on this list come in a wide range of brand names, prices and specifications to fit your preference, budget and needs.