Real time apps are the new trend and have become the sensation, as the value for time is increasing day by day. The living standards of people have put real time messaging at the first place. No matter what app is it, a desktop one or a web app, real time features are there in all. The two extensively used real time apps are the one for messaging and the other for instant notifications.

You have already experienced real time chatting through various apps and websites. The organizations need it to handle their online customers and to be there 24X7 at their service. Node.js has made this feature a go to option for all businesses.

Node.js and Real-Time Chat apps

Node.js has event driven features that make it valuable and a preferred technology for building real time chat apps. These are applications where speed and scalability are important and consistent. Node.js also offers non-blocking I/O that enhances the performance of these applications.

The scalability and quick features of Node.js offer constant two-way connections to applications. The platforms such as forums, stock exchange, ad servers and social media are real time intensive apps and Node.js is considered as the technology of choice for these platforms. A good Node.js development company follows the best programming practices when it works on a projects like these.

Why Node.js in Real-Time Application Development?

Here are the major benefits of using Node.js in real time applications:

1.Node.js has Event-Based Server

Real-time applications are built to deal with real-time users in large numbers. The event driven server in Node.js development assists in non-blocking functioning. Hence, making the real time chatting app more quick and responsive.

2.Data transmission facility in Node.js

A Node js developer knows all the basics and makes the right use of the non-blocking I/O feature. This features helps in swift Data transmission between the server and client.

  1. Fast and swift nature of Node.js

As we all know Node is a JavaScript-based program, therefore it is as swift and quick in pulling or developing an entire real time application. The JS nature makes the application with the single-threaded model and the event loop tackle with numerous client/user requests within a snap of time.

  1. Reusing and sharing the code

Node.js is a real-time programming language. It follows the micro service- architecture. Reusing and sharing the code means library code package can be used again and shared with many projects. This saves a lot of time for the developers.

5.Node.js is SEO friendly

The digital world apps have to be SEO friendly. So, choosing Node for real time app development is the best option to stay on top. This is because the backend rendering in Node.js increases engagement and provides better visibility to the site.

6.Node.js server as a Proxy Server

Intermediary admins are required in Node.js. Node.js server is used as a proxy server by developers because it makes the app ideal for streaming data from various sources. This is done by just adding a few lines of code.

Node.js for Real-Time Application Development

Developing a real time chat app using Node.js has always been an option for the Node.js developers. The frameworks mostly used are Feather.JS or Express.JS. These frameworks are relevant because Feather.JS offers Socket.IO integration, this library and Express.JS framework together build a robust real time chatting app.

Socket.IO acts as a JavaScript library. It is used to build a bi-directional real-time connection between the client and server side. The Socket.IO carries out binary streaming, document collaboration, instant messaging, and real-time analytics.


Express.js is just like a Node.js framework. It makes use of its effective features and it very easily attends all the templating solutions. It basically helps in better code organization.



Node.js gives power over many features and interesting aspects when used by developers in real time chat applications. It is the best technology to be used in the programming of apps that require blocking driven servers and an event-based server.

The above mentioned features must have enlightened the new developers about the utter need of Node.js in meeting the pace of the digital world in real time. Many software development companies offer dedicated Node.js developers and teams to get a fully functional and robust real time chat app for your business. Choose the right one by properly researching and understanding the developer’s experience.