Many Instagrammers take their follower count very seriously. It is a kind of social status for them. Losing just a few followers in a month is okay. However, if the numbers are dropping crazily, it might be about time that you pay serious attention to it.

Although you can use a free trial version of SimplyGram to quickly assess if it’s effective for you in gaining organic followers on your Instagram account, you must not ignore the actual reason behind losing a massive number of followers.

If you don’t identify and solve the root cause, your chances of becoming popular will diminish, and your efforts to achieve business marketing goals will go to waste.

Let’s quickly dive into the 5 reasons why people unfollow on Instagram in this article!

Reason #1: Not Engaging With Your Audience

Instagram is a social media site for a reason, and that is to socialize with your followers/audience. If you’re not engaging with them i.e., not liking their comments, replying to their comments/DMs, or even interacting with their content, they will get an impression that you’re all about “yourself”.

Therefore, your current and even your potential followers can quickly get turned off by this, and you may start noticing that your follower count is gradually declining.

Reason #2: Poor Quality Content

If you kick-started your Instagram account with top-notch quality content such as informative posts or hilarious memes, and you stopped putting the same amount of effort and time into your content as you did in the start, your followers will be quick to notice this.

Again, this can put them off. They are not getting the same kind of premium quality content for what they subscribed to, so they won’t have any reason to follow you.

Reason #3: You Changed Your Content

We all have favorite accounts according to the interests that we follow on Instagram, and we genuinely enjoy consuming their content. This is one of the primary reasons anyone would follow your account, except for your family and friends, of course.

For example, if you started your account posting dog-related content and you, out of nowhere, started sharing educational content, your followers will immediately unfollow you as this is not what they followed you for.

Reason #4: Spamming

Your followers can get annoyed if you start spamming them (posting too much). The main reason is that when you start posting a lot of content every day, your content may start losing its quality drastically.

And this is what we just discussed in reason #2 poor quality content doesn’t attract your followers. If you want to post a lot of content every day, you must make sure that you’re not compromising on the quality at any cost.

Reason #5: Not Staying Consistent

Posting a lot of content for a day and then disappearing into the thin air for a week will make your followers lose interest in your Instagram account, hence, they may unfollow you immediately.

Therefore, you must remain regular with your posting schedule. If you’re a busy bee, you can leverage the social media scheduling tools to schedule in advance and post content automatically without getting off track.