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S10 Stock Wallpapers

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Stock Wallpapers (QHD Resolution)

Today we selected to You the complete collection of Samsung Galaxy S10 Stock Wallpapers. All the wallpapers are of 3040 x 3040 QHD Plus Resolution. There are 29 QHD+ wallpapers in 3040 x 3040 px resolution that can be downloaded individually or as a Zip archive. So the complete collection of Samsung Galaxy S10 Stock Wallpapers is now available for download. There are a total of 21 different wallpapers in an abstract design distinctive from the rest of the original Samsung One UI wallpapers. The vibrant colors of the stock wallpapers look stunning on the Galaxy S10’s Dynamic AMOLED display. Android Police even said that ‘The wallpapers try really hard to hide the display cutout‘ as all of them fade to black moving towards the top-right of the Galaxy S10’s screen. All these wallpapers are in 3040 x 3040 pixels (QHD+) resolution. The Zip file below contains 21 wallpapers in PNG format …

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earth wallpaper

Download Live Earth Wallpapers to your Phone

Google collaborated with a design agency named B-Reel to make stunning backgrounds for its premium branded Pixel devices. And One of the many features shown off at the October 4 announcement event was the Pixel 2’s updated live wallpapers. The Live Earth Wallpapers would be the combination of Google Earth’s high-definition satellite imagery together with a 3D parallax effect that affects viewers perspective as you swipe between displays. Exactly like the other Pixel attributes, now you can enjoy the Live Earth Wallpapers in your device. You can catch a quick sneak peek of these from the below screenshots. Screenshots:   The ‘Live Earth Wallpapers’ feature was ported by Pranav Pandey from XDA and works with all devices running Marshmallow or later. Almost all the features should work on your device except for “Your world, Solar System (Live earth wallpapers)” features which work only for ARM64 devices. This is due to the lack of libgeswallpapers-jni.so library in …

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How to Apply Updates from ADB sideload or Recovery mode

Are you looking for updating your cell phone? Then here is the easiest way to update your phone with minimal efforts. The situation arises when you cant download update to your phone or downloaded update cant be installed onto your phone. In cases like this, you may use ADB sideload method to upgrade your phone by downloading the update zip file to your PC.  Here are the Directions to Apply Updates from ADB sideload or Install OTA Updates Using Recovery Mode for your OTA upgrades done manually. ADB sideload is a further characteristic which was added to AOSP retrieval in Jelly Bean. Install a zip applying just a single control from your PC. Most Probably ADB sideload will not be quite helpful for your average recovery Desire, but ADB sideload does act as an immense time-saver to get a ROM developer. What is OTA update (Over-The-Air): OTA (Over-The-Air) Has been …

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10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Online – Watch Free Anime

For those of you who are fan for Anime, this one is a special treat for you. We bring you a list of some of the Best Anime Streaming Sites for 2018. Just go for it. An enormous number of sites in the list are free anime sites. Anime is not just a cartoon. Anime was initially claimed as an exclusive animation with a unique Japanese style. It is also called as an art form by many animators. Currently, Anime includes any and every type of story, graphics in a high-speed style not only limited to Japanese but global Animation and Visual Arts Industry. Coming back to our topic for the day, Best Anime Streaming Sites for 2018, we have to look at many aspects. With internet accessibility and speed increasing day by day, gone are those days when fans use to watch in television broadcast, download or rent a …

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5 Best Manga Websites For Free Online

Manga is a Japanese style of comic books which has proven to be a big hit around the world. But it’s difficult to distinguish official English translations from fan-made translations. For that, you need to know the perfect sites to read manga online.  Manga in Japanese translates into images or animations. The comics come in various styles and genres also, including all of the mainstream genres such as Romance, Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-fi, and Sports. Manga is a flourishing industry in Japan and all around the world. The uniqueness and the expressive style of the manga maintain a reader engaged and intrigued all of the time. The majority of the manga are published in series. This series consists of several pieces. This is where manga sites come in handy. You can keep a track on upcoming manga components and track your progress also. For a long time, manga comics …

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Top10 Free Sports Streaming Websites To Watch Sports Online

The sport was one of the things that made people stick to the tv screen, and it has similar effects. Ever since with time, technology has taken several leaps in its life, so did our program. If we see today’s time, we’ll find ourselves becoming a modern slave of time that’s the reason why it appears entirely unaffordable to watch sports games on a tv display, relaxing in your dwelling. We’re sharing a range of best sites where you can watch free sports games live on some of your apparatus like an iPhone, Android mobile, tablet, PC or a notebook, and what? All that for free. What else you will be needing is an active internet connection with a fantastic speed that’s not a cumbersome task for anybody. All it means you could enjoy streaming live sports on your phone by only using your internet. Like we already said it …

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How to use dark mode on Google Maps

Google has slowly been adding a dim mode to several of its Applications, such as YouTube and Google News. For quite some time, Google Maps has affirmed a”Night” mode, which turns out the navigation Interface dark. However, that feature is not able to be manually toggled. Today, however, we’ll Show You How You Can induce that setting to stay On all the time. Here’s how to force Google Maps dark mode on Android. How to force Google Maps dark mode on Android Open Google Maps Access Maps Settings Access Navigation Settings Scroll to “Map Display” and change Color Scheme setting To be clear, this tutorial will not tell you how you can add a dark mode into the Google Maps app in complete — that simply does not exist (for the time being ). Rather, Google has an option built into the program which lets you force the”night” mode to …

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How to install Mobdro on Android

Modbro is the perfect tool for people that love watching TV on the tablet or smartphone. It’s a substitute for Kodi, That searchers to get free movie streams online then feeds them straight to your device, making it accessible and simple to use. This lets you watch everything from the news to natural streams. But, there’s a catch. It is just on Android apparatus, not iOS. There Are a couple of distinct versions of Dobro – a free version, and a premium version with no advertisements and ChromeCast support. Modern isn’t even hard to install, provided that you’ve got a compatible phone or tablet computer – here’s how to do it. Please be aware That Lots of add-ons contain Content which is not officially licensed and accessing such content could Be Illegal. In short, if the content is free, but looks too good to be Accurate, then it likely is. …

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How to Load Facebook Full Site on your Phone

Today I was asked a quick question from a friend of mine about using the Facebook For Android. She said she can’t open the Facebook full site on her android device. When you go to Facebook in your phone’s web browser, it will demonstrate the mobile version of the website. However, there are a few measures you can take to get the complete version of the website on any mobile device. You Have to be wondering how to open Whole sight of facebook in desktop Really the problem is whenever you attempt to open facebook desktop version Mobile Version appears nice and available but often you won’t find many attributes Readily or any missing in the mobile version as opposed to the desktop version of Facebook. Of facebook in a cellular browser. There are two methods for accessing complete facebook website in browser. Option 1 – Direct Link Trick Login to …

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How to Free Up Space on iPhone

You’re trying to free up space on iPhone, right? Wish there’s external SD card service on iPhones. Loads of new programs are releasing every day to Program store, and at the same time, plenty of old programs are removed from the same App store for various reasons. Considering The new program releases, we have a habit of installing those recently released apps, try them for a couple of days and ignore them completely. Doing so frequently on your iPhone will show you a gorgeous popup Storage almost full. Now starts the actual struggle to free up space on iPhone by uninstalling unwanted apps. Soon you will realise just uninstalling the right programs will not easily free up space on iPhone and you need to go beyond it. If You are trying hard to free up space on iPhone to eliminate storage Almost full popup all over your iPhone, then you …

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