Torrent enthusiasts, brace yourselves! In this guide, we delve into the captivating world of torrenting, focusing on KickassTorrents and its alternatives. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the history, demise, and resurrection of KickassTorrents, along with a curated list of the best alternatives in the torrenting realm.

KickassTorrents: The Rise and Fall


Let’s rewind to the glory days of KickassTorrents (KAT). Founded by Artem Vaulin in 2008, KAT quickly became a powerhouse, attracting over a million users daily. However, the torrent giant faced a dramatic takedown by the US government in July 2016. The aftermath? Mirror domains, a revived forum, and a ban in various countries.

Key Facts About KickassTorrents

Fact Detail
Founder Artem Vaulin (2008)
Daily Visitors (Pre-takedown) Over 1 million
Global Alexa Rank (Oct 2017) 69th
Seizure Date July 2016
Current Status Run by volunteers, banned in several countries

KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror Websites


In the quest for KAT’s spirit, proxy and mirror websites emerged. These clones, like and, faithfully mimic the original. Note that accessibility might be an issue due to ISP restrictions, necessitating the use of a VPN.

Proxy/Mirror Website Accessibility Depends on ISP restrictions Requires a VPN for access Varied experiences, check ISP restrictions May require a VPN for access Accessible with VPN, legality varies by country

KickassTorrents Alternatives

While KAT is down, exploring alternatives is a viable option. Here are some user-friendly alternatives that ensure lightning-fast torrent downloads:

  2. The Pirate
  5. Yify Torrent /
  9. Dirty

Should You Use KickassTorrents?

The million-dollar question: Is KAT worth a shot? Well, the decision is yours. If change is not your cup of tea, alternatives like The Pirate Bay await. Remember, a VPN is your ally in the quest for unfiltered access.

The Future of KickassTorrents

Anticipating KAT’s return? Don’t hold your breath. Since its domain was seized, the original site might resurface with a new name. Stay tuned to the torrenting saga!

Torrenting Beyond Kickass: Trends and Challenges

As torrent websites face increased legal scrutiny, users must tread cautiously. With the rise of lawsuits and investigations, the torrenting landscape is evolving. However, the allure of diverse content and user-friendly interfaces keeps torrenting alive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Are these torrent websites legal?

A1: We at iLounge do not manage or endorse any torrent websites listed. These links are shared for educational purposes only.

Q2: Can I access all proxy/mirror websites without a VPN?

A2: Some sites may be blocked by ISPs. For unrestricted access, consider using a VPN to stay hidden.

Q3: Why was KickassTorrents taken down?

A3: The takedown resulted from a two-year investigation by the US Department of Justice, leading to the seizure of servers and the domain.

Q4: Are there new domains for KickassTorrents?

A4: Since the original domain’s seizure, new domains may have emerged. Keep an eye on the torrenting community for updates.

Q5: How do proxy/mirror websites differ?

A5: Managed by various admins, these sites may function slightly differently but mirror the original KickassTorrents site.

Q6: What happened to KickassTorrents’ founder, Artem Vaulin?

A6: Artem Vaulin faced legal action, and the outcome of the case is part of the torrenting lore.

Q7: What makes a good alternative to KickassTorrents?

A7: User-friendly interfaces and peer-to-peer functionality contribute to a great torrenting experience. Explore alternatives based on your preferences.

Q8: Is torrenting safe?

A8: Torrenting carries risks. Protect your identity with precautions like VPNs to ensure a safe experience.

Q9: How can I access blocked torrent sites?

A9: A VPN is crucial for bypassing ISP restrictions in regions where torrent sites are blocked.

Q10: Will KickassTorrents make a comeback?

A10: While possibilities exist, the original site’s return remains uncertain. Stay informed about developments in the torrenting community.


As we navigate the ever-evolving torrent landscape, KickassTorrents remains an iconic name. Whether you choose to explore its alternatives or await its potential resurgence, remember to prioritize safety and legality in your torrenting endeavors.