Is it easy to pass Huawei engineer certification? The answer is “No”. And it is especially difficult for novices to pass it. But in fact, as long as you find the right learning method, it will be much easier to prepare for the Huawei certification exam.


The content of the certification involves the knowledge of the computer and communication industry. Because Huawei certification has high value, its knowledge content may not be easy to master. Many people enhance their professional competitiveness by passing Huawei certification.


If you can master the corresponding knowledge and certain learning methods, you can try to apply for the certification.


Which direction of Huawei certification should you choose?


Huawei certification has many directions. It is generally recommended that you choose the one most relevant to your work


For example, if you are already a network engineer in this field and your job is about network security, you can choose the direction of network security.


If you are not a professional yet and you are still a novice, you should choose the one that is conducive to your employment. For example, among Huawei’s network engineer certification directions, the direction of data communication, that is, routing and switching, is most useful for finding a job.


Which is better, Huawei certification or Cisco certification?


In fact, there is no essential difference between Cisco certification and Huawei certification in terms of learning content. The most important thing to learn is the principles, whether you learn network knowledge system or configuration command.


As long as you know the principles, you can pass both of Cisco certification and Huawei certification. The principle of any network configuration is the same, and only the command or configuration interface is different.


Therefore, it depends on your needs and actual situation which certification direction you choose to apply for, and which one is good for your career development. After all, those who have won both the CCIE certificate and the HCIE certificate still say that they are the same easy and useful.


Whether you choose to apply for Cisco certification or Huawei certification, you need to make full preparations before taking the exam. You can learn the knowledge involved in the exam by yourself of by having training courses. If you want to find a professional training institution, SPOTO can be a good choice. SPOTO provides its trainers with well-arranged curriculum schedule, which help them learn the required knowledge and skills systematically. In SPOTO, students can communicate with experienced teachers and other students to have their questions solved timely in the process of learning. SPOTO can help its students yield twice the result with half the effort.

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