If you’re like most people, you carry your phone wherever you go. That includes the gym. Perhaps you don’t look at your cell phone while working out. Maybe you use it to take a few pics and videos for social media.

Regardless, look at the fitness phone accessories we’ve outlined in this article. Some of them are excellent gifts for a gym friend. Others could improve your fitness experience. Let’s dive right in.

#1: A Tripod with a Selfie Stick

Whether you want to record your ab workout or take a cool pic with your gym bros, you could use a quality phone tripod. The best phone tripod for gym needs to be light, foldable, and easily portable in a small bag.

Nowadays, many manufacturers pair tripods with selfie sticks. It makes sense. These two tools go hand-in-hand. Choose a tripod that rotates 3600. Also, it needs a Bluetooth-powered shooter to help you capture content remotely.

#2: Wireless Earbuds

Sure, some people work out without listening to music. But if you find weightlifting more enjoyable while listening to your favorite jams, invest in quality wireless earbuds.

For clarity, not all earbuds are created to withstand running and high-intensity cardio routines. Beats Fit Pro, AirPods Pro, and JBL Live Pro are examples of quality earbuds designed for people who love the gym.

#3: A Fitness Tracker Watch

So, you love morning runs? You don’t have to carry your phone. Use a smartwatch to track your time, calories, speed, and other fitness goals. It is lighter, meaning it can help you run faster.

While in the gym, you don’t need to check your phone every 10 minutes. It is distracting and can reduce your productivity. Besides, you can’t track your heart rate and calories burned in burpees while using a phone. A tracker watch is better suited for this job.

#4: Smartphone Case for the Gym

Where do you place your smartphone while in the gym? If you said your pocket, you’re doing it wrong. Keeping your phone in your pocket while working out increases the chances of damaging it.

Buy an armband sleeve that can hold your phone seamlessly without exposing it to sweat, falls, or dirt. Buy a rugged case if theft isn’t an issue where you exercise. Choose a case with a ring at the back. It adds extra protection and doubles down as a stand.

#5: A Vibrating Therapy Ball

For someone who loves to work out, you probably look for ways to stay active all day long. A vibrating therapy ball is an excellent replacement for social media, especially when traveling.

This tech-enabled ball soothes your back, leg, and hand muscles to reduce fatigue and improve your form.

#6: An Electric Muscle Simulator

This gadget works with a smartphone app to improve your recovery time after a workout. It is Bluetooth-enabled and records crucial stats about your daily performance.

An electric muscle similar is particularly effective for soothing sore areas. But it can be expensive. Buy it only if you really need it. Otherwise, look for cheaper ways to relax your muscles after weightlifting.

#7: A Bluetooth Speaker

Training in the backyard can be lonely. You don’t want to blast music from the audio system in your living room. And perhaps you don’t want to use earbuds for any particular reason.

A Bluetooth speaker can be an excellent replacement. The best speakers produce high-quality, clear sounds. Some of them are WiFi-enabled, meaning you can control them using a smartphone.

#8: A Handheld Massage Device

Experiencing pain is normal after a tough workout. But you don’t need to live with the pain, at least not if you buy an electric massage device. These devices are ergonomically designed for comfort. They massage nearly all the muscles you can reach with one hand. And they’re lightweight.

#9: An Electric Wave Roller

A wave roller speeds up your warmup and recovery time in the gym. Some fitness centers have this tool, so check before you make a purchase. If you must buy one, choose a Bluetooth-enabled gadget you can control remotely.

#10: A Running Waist Pack

A leather fanny pack could be all you need to hike the mountains without hauling unnecessary weight. The small bag can hold your smartphone and snacks. Then you could carry your water bottle in your hand.