Most of the spammers use multiple mobile numbers to send junk messages and it will be annoying, irrelevant, information and links in these texts it may also be unsafe and even illegal one. Thus, it becomes essential one to know how to block such kind of texts on your iPhone device iOS 14. Now a day’s plenty of people are using the iPhone device for its security patches, a software framework, and features offered by mobile devices. Each and every individual are getting the business advertisement and promotions messages through SMS where makes people get irritated as it holds memory space a lot when it is received in a bulk way. So, each and every individual are using the text block options available on their smartphone device. The text block service option is available in all smartphone devices through which you can block receiving unwanted business promotions or other individual person’s text messages.

Whether it is someone you know, someone you have not seen, someone you like to forget then you drag the unwanted text messages just by following the simple steps of how to block text on iPhone mobile device. Just as like the email it is very easy to get into the habit of deleting the text messages from unwanted senders instead of blocking the contact. However, deleting the messages does not take huge amount of time but it makes the person to get irritated so it is best to block text messages receiving from the particular sender. Blocking the contact for getting rid of text message is an easy task but when you block the contact for text message it will be also blocking the regular calls from the particular contact.

If you want to block the text on your iPhone device then ensure that you read the guidelines or steps by making google search on internet. So that by following the simple steps you can easily block the contact and be free from receiving the text messages from the unwanted person. This message blocking option is found to be excellent one which is used by millions of people all over the globe for saving the mobile space and to get rid from receiving the business promotions and ads messages.

Steps for blocking texts on iPhone iOS 14 device

If you are receiving the unwanted business advertisement and promotion messages to your iPhone mobile device then you can easily block receiving the text messages to your mobile device just by making use of the simple blocking service. Now with the help of this text blocking service wide range of people are benefitted from receiving the unwanted text messages from the person who they may not know. Text message blocking service is found to be the best option that helps you in keeping your mind free from tension and anger got by seeing the message from the person who you like to forget. The following are steps which you need to follow for blocking texts on iPhone iOS 14 mobile device.

  • As a first thing you need to tap on message from a number that you wish to decline in the message application
  • After that you need to knock the contact option just above the number at top
  • Then you need to choose the info available near the top position
  • If you are using the iOS 13 mobile device then you need to tap the arrow present to the right of the number, in iOS 14 mobile device you need to tap info once again
  • Finally, after tapping the info you can see at the bottom of your screen stating to tap “block this caller”. Through selecting this option, you can block the contact and thereby you will not be receiving any text from this number to your mobile device.

The text message blocking option is found to be excellent setting for blocking the particular number from which you don’t like to receive messages. By following the steps, you can easily block the text messages on you iPhone iOS 14 mobile device very easily. This kind of text blocking service option helps in keeping your mobile device message application free from unwanted storage of messages.