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How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone (2021) 

The loss of important photos can be a real problem for iPhone owners. Still, unlike Android smartphones, iOS devices have more options to prevent permanent data loss. We have some tips to keep your iCloud data safe and how to recover deleted photos from iPhone…


How To Reset/ Restore Default Keyboard Settings On Your iPhone SE 

Every now and then you would find features to add to your iPhone’s onscreen keyboard.  By adjusting its settings, you can have foreign language keyboards and shortcuts.  You can access special characters, cool emojis, a larger keyboard display, among many others.  While such upgrades prove…


How to open a ZIP file on your iPhone 

Launched in 1989, the ZIP compression format radically changed the way information is sent and received. Although today many believe that it is a format of the past, in reality millions of users use it constantly on computers and mobile devices. Opening ZIP files on…

iPhone Settings

The 10 iPhone Settings Everyone Should Adjust 

Whether you’ve just bought a new iPhone or you’ve been using Apple’s smartphone for years, we think these are the settings you should change right away. 10 iPhone settings to tweak that make your iPhone better When you turn on an iPhone for the first…


GIF Search and #Image Not Working in iMessage on iPhone 

Many people have started complaining that they are facing problems searching GIFs and #Image not working properly. More and more iPhone users are facing such issues. They have said that they are unable to send GIFs and images using the #Image. #images is a built-in…


How To Disable Auto-Brightness On The Iphone And Ipad? 

Actually, both iPhone and iPad provides an auto-brightness option in the iOS settings that utilizes ambient light sensor for each device to perceive the light levels in a room and also habitually regulate the brightness of a display consequently. But, some users discover this irritating…