is focused on increasing work transparency, productivity, and collaboration. At the system’s core are boards that can be customized to track different projects and tasks. These can be anything from a simple task list to complex projects using Agile methodology. Each panel is a visual representation of your project, making the status of your work easily recognizable. offers powerful integration capabilities with other popular business tools like Google Drive and many others, making importing and exporting data between different systems easy. One central aspect that makes the program stand out is its centralized approach to communication. All communication and file sharing occurs within the platform, reducing the need for constant switching between different applications and platforms.

Automation is another of’s strengths. Users can create automatic rules for specific actions based on set triggers, significantly reducing time spent on routine tasks and increasing the efficiency of processes. All in all, is a powerful, flexible, and easily customizable tool for project and work management that can maintain and improve the efficiency of work processes in various teams and industries.



Bordio is a handy planning tool that invites you to use it for personal use and in project cases. It is designed in a system of cells where your to-do’s and tasks are located. You can customize them for tracking and add appropriate colors and reminders. The interface is simple and pleasant, and intuitive. Handy for monitoring various projects and tasks.

Bordio for project management

Also, Bordio is convenient in terms of synchronization with various services like Google Calendar, so transferring your things from your device to your device will be easier. Bordio is supported on your phone as an application and on your computer, so it is mobile. In Bordio, you can create a to-do list for the day and even schedule an entire month. It’s a severe and promising tool for individual planning and an automated tool for teamwork. Overall, Bordio is a time planning tool based on the idea of an online planner that will help you with getting all tasks done.



Asana is a highly regarded tool for project management, centralizing work, and improving team productivity. The platform’s versatility and flexibility suit teams of any size and industry, from creative studios to large corporations.

Asana offers visual project planning using a list, whiteboard, calendar, and timeline. These types of data views allow each team member to see the big picture, understand their priorities, and keep track of project progress. One of the critical benefits of Asana is its flexibility in organizing your work. You can create projects, tasks, and subtasks, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, add comments, and attach files directly to missions. All of this makes working on a project centralized and organized. Asana also offers work automation, allowing you to reduce mundane tasks and focus on more critical aspects of your work. Automated rules and reminders help teams keep track of deadlines and priorities.

Asana offers a message and comment system for communication and teamwork. This way, you can discuss everything without leaving the program. Asana can sync with Google Drive and others, making it easier to work without transferring files constantly.

Asana interface

The Notion.

The device is renowned for its adaptability and versatility, which let users tailor their workspaces to suit their particular requirements. A page that can be customized with many forms of content, including text, lists, links, photos, embedded videos, databases, and even other sites, is the fundamental building block of Notion. As a result, the user is able to design intricate information organization systems that can be as essential or sophisticated as necessary.

Task lists, calendars, projects, databases, and team knowledge can all be created and managed with Notion. You can effectively collaborate with your team and stay updated on changes and updates with features like notifications and comments. Notion’s support for integration with many other well-known programs, including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Figma, and others, makes working across applications simple.


In addition, Notion is attractive with its template feature. You can use preset templates for various purposes, from project planning to creating a knowledge management system or creating your own templates to reuse.\

Notion for mobile


ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool that aims to replace all other applications used to organize work. It has many features and capabilities focused on increasing productivity and workflow efficiency. Its main features include task management, document management, goal management, time management, and even email management. Each task can contain subtasks, descriptions, comments, attachments, labels, and other related data. This makes ClickUp an integrated project management solution, allowing teams to focus all their resources and information in one place.


One of ClickUp’s significant advantages is its flexibility. With custom fields, templates, and views, users can customize workspaces to meet their unique needs. Whether it’s a Kanban board, task lists, calendar, or Gantt chart, ClickUp offers you the right kind of data presentation. ClickUp also includes powerful automation and integration tools. This means you can create automated workflows that help you save time and reduce manual work. And with extensive integration support, you can easily connect ClickUp with other tools you already use.


ClickUp strongly focuses on reporting and analytics, giving users powerful tools to track project performance and progress. Customized dashboards and customizable reports help teams easily measure and improve their performance. Overall, ClickUp is a versatile project management tool with many features and capabilities to help groups organize their work efficiently and improve productivity.