Education “is in fashion.” Today, all kinds of educational apps occupy the top lines of the App Store or Google Play store and are demanded by hundreds of thousands of users.

Educational apps are services that help users of different ages and backgrounds to study specific academic disciplines.

All of us spend most of our time on our phones doing anything, so children and teenagers are not left behind, especially in this time in which technology has taken over us. Since childhood, people already have a mobile device that they handle perfectly.

In this sense, it is vital to consider that children and young people have neglected the educational part, so to improve this, applications have been created to impart knowledge in these minds in formation.

Why are educational applications practical?

  • A complex of programs and techniques are needed in an application.
  • Saving time and money for teachers.
  • Study of subjects at a convenient time for the user and in a suitable place.
  • Statistics on learning dynamics and user level.

What do you get?

  • Interactive exercises to test knowledge and consolidate the material.
  • Audio and video materials with explanations for lessons and activities.
  • Statistics on learning dynamics.
  • Exams after studying a specific topic.
  • Learning materials are located on a mobile device, which allows the learner not to use the Internet.


Best educational applications of 2021 in Google Play


  1. Casio ClassPad


Casio ClassPad is an educational application to perform a large number of mathematical calculations.

It is a mathematical application that allows the user to perform different calculations and operations without needing an internet connection as if he were manipulating a computer.

It is a free application and has been created for use by both primary school and university students, taking into account that in addition to allowing us to make calculations, it also enables the creation of graphs and statistics.


  1. Grasshopper


It is an application that offers all the necessary knowledge about programming. We are talking about a dynamic way to learn programming, with different challenges and tests that the application assigns to the user as he advances in level.

Grasshopper Learn to Code for Free educational app is the best way to start your coding adventure with fast and fun games on your phone that teach you how to write real JavaScript. Advance through increasingly challenging levels as you develop your skills, then graduate with fundamental programming skills for your next step as a programmer.

Another alternative, with fewer games and more of a virtual classroom format, step-by-step in its levels, is the Solo learning app, available for iPhone or Web format. With this application, you can learn from HTML to more complex programming languages like PHP or C++.


  1. Habit Hub


Application for organization, this virtual space allows the student to plan to organize what will be done daily concerning the educational part, not to forget homework, tasks, and everything that needs to be prepared to face the new day of teaching.


  1. Loom


This application allows the user to record all the information he handles through his phone about his non-face-to-face classes, his research, and the knowledge searches he carries out. He can then share them through e-mail or another source of social media interaction.

Millions of people rely on them. Business professionals, engineers, sales, marketing specialists, designers, and people who want to communicate better use Loom. Trusted by more than 2 million users in over 50,000 companies who record more than 15 million minutes of video every month. Download the Loom application here.


  1. Augmented Class! Augmented Reality for Education


This application has been created to carry out a total interaction with the environment to plan his augmented reality to graph classwork or elaborate, complete didactic units.

Augmented Class! is a fun and easy way to create and share Augmented Reality content and interactions for Education. Download the application here.


  1. Quiz your English


Through games and different levels of knowledge, it is an application that teaches the student to get by in the English language, so that they know another language that can be useful in the future for any occasion. Learning English has never been so easy and entertaining.


  1. TED


Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) was founded by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks together in February 1984. The organization works with a motto of “ideas worth spreading” and has organized annual conferences since 1990. The app has over 3000 videos of many notable people, including entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, and others.

Features of TED (one of the best educational apps):


  • Explore videos of TED talks along with subtitles to listen to speeches.
  • Use the same account on multiple devices and sync videos to them.
  • Please bookmark your favorite videos to access them instantly whenever you want.
  • Access TED podcasts to listen to experts.
  • You can download and save video and audio files for offline access.


These are the best educational apps available around the world and have created a new space of interaction to get students interested in learning.